YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE [Cover Art Pair #3]


Triumvirate “Spartacus” [EMI Electola, 1975]   /   Bee Gees “Idea” [Polydor, 1968]

Wolfgang Dauner “Output” [ECM 1970]


i said ‘ pairs’ but this Dauner cover blew the fuse

confronting stark ugly darkly comic true?

my current life?

here’s the back


Debby Boone [1977]


  1. Nice to see someone ELSE who appreciates the “Output” album !!!


    1. You bet. In my list of Top 20 ‘unEasy’ Listening albums. Thanks for commenting.


  2. And that’s even without ELO …


    1. Although I do buy LPs for their covers, I have avoided the madness of buying albums for the #Cover Art posts.
      So far.

      PS. I covet your vinyl Gn’R ‘Lies’. It is about the only newspaper-themed cover (I know of) that I don’t have. Now there’s a dirty little secret.
      PPS. See home page.


      1. Not bought any solely for post reasons SO FAR …


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