JJ Cale [photo]

JJ Cale

jj cale

gone too soon


  1. Just picked up “Okie” yesterday. You should have grabbed that copy when you had the chance, great and easy to listen to.


  2. You are so right. Never leave a good LP in the racks. Do have the CD though.
    Playing “Really” right now. Excellent album too.


  3. Troubadour was my particular flavour.


  4. JJ was a one and only. A CB favorite.

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  5. First really nice Sunday afternoon of our spring 2017 season found me in the backyard weeding,mulching,waiting for the baseball game to start (a 4:05 first pitch)…and thoroughly enjoying JJ Cale. Troubadour and Naturally. My first official backyard musical pick of 2017…ted

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    1. Sounds idyllic. I’m sure JJ would approve. Thanks Ted.


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