Brand X “Unorthodox Behaviour” [Passport 1976]
Mark-Almond “Other People’s Rooms” [A&M 1978]

Feature image: Berlin “Voyeur” [Imusic 2002]

The Hollies [1965]

Given the comments below and the theme of ‘voyeurism’, I added “Electric Ladyland”

to invite others to join the conversation.



  1. thepiratehorizon · · Reply

    i like the concept here, comes as no surprise – doesn’t it? 😉
    i’ll be back myself to cover arts in a few, my vinyls ferment with desire to be on stage


    1. A bit cheeky, a little provocative. No, doesn’t sound like Pirate Horizon at all. 😉


      1. thepiratehorizon · · Reply

        ah! 😉


  2. I used to own Livestock. A brilliant album. But for various reasons I sold many f my LP’s – damn fool that I was! Such is life.
    I still have a fair few Vinyls including such gems as the Nude Cover of Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland and the ‘Beano’ cover of the Bluesbreakers album with Clapton.
    Thanks for the visit to the Ark’s spot


    1. I’m absolutely with you on Brand X – little known even amongst fans of jazz-rock, yet without doubt Phil Collins’ best work outside Genesis. And that Hendrix cover is much sought after, isn’t it. Even thought it’s pretty crap! Thanks for visiting and your comments.


      1. Even thought it’s pretty crap!

        What!Crap? lol…are you nutz?
        Hendrix may have been embarrassed by the cover but it is a classic from David Montgomery. 🙂


  3. OK. What do others think? “Electric Ladyland” is a rubbish cover. Discuss. (I’ve added to the post to encourage dialogue)


  4. Okay, this may just be me but whenever I study those 21 (I counted ’em up and divided by two) nude foxes (as I believe our forefathers called them), my thought was ‘God they were badly lit’. I like the cover, it’s of its time.

    Re. window theme, you could almost shoehorn Doors ‘Morrison Hotel’ in there, or Tubeway Army ‘Replicas’.


    1. Glad to note that you are keeping abreast of advances in computational arithmetic, J.

      I’d (almost) give you ‘Replicas’ but certainly not ‘Morrison Hotel’. Man, they’re looking out the window!


  5. Jim Goodwin · · Reply

    I much prefer the other cover of Electric Ladyland, and it’s also more in keeping with the wishes of Jimi Hendrix.
    I had a Japanese copy of the nude cover, but that’s long gone and I don’t miss it. For what it’s all worth,


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jim. And for what it’s worth, I’m with you!


  6. Have the first 3 ‘X’ albums and I agree on the Collins opinion. Have the ‘Hendrix’ but not that cover. ‘ Mark/Almond is a band that i really dig. Have the album you featured. They made some really good music. Found them from John Mayall’s ‘Turning Point. Great album. I see someone recognizing M/A, I have to mouth off. Got my attention Bruce. Bottom line. Lots of good music on those records.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found them via “Turning Point” too. As you say, lots of good music.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TP is one of my all time favorite records. My brother had it and I did one of those borrow things we talked about. I gave it back and bucked up for my own copy. I’ve been doing the alphabetical thing on the listening. Just got through the M’s a while back so I’m fresh with Mayall and M/C.

        Liked by 1 person

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