Homemade Halloween


Made the CD a while ago – quite suitable for Halloween I reckon.

The music is great B-Movie fun.


Well, the boy thought so anyway.


And, to complete the picture, a portrait from the Ozzie period (earlier this evening).



  1. 🙂

    Always loved Funeral For a Friend/Loves Lies Bleeding. What’s the epilogue on your CD?


    1. Me too. Very pianistic!
      The epilogue was a minute of ‘spooky’ sound manipulation I did using garageband. It has not proven to be the beginning of a new career in film music composition.


  2. Jeez! That terrifying dude at the end – killer for sure.


    1. ABC TV had a much-loved music quiz show called Spicks and Specks. In one of the regular segments the teams had to decide whether a photo was ‘Musician or Serial Killer’. Sounds like your vote is in.


      1. Not just a killer though, I’m thinking cannibal at least.


  3. Nonsense! [Pass the toothpicks please. I got a hair between my teeth.]


  4. Great CD you made there, and I love the photos! Hope you and the boy had a blast. 🙂


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