Richard and Linda Thompson “Sunnyvista” [Chrysalis 1979]  /  John Hiatt “Bring the Family” [A&M 1987]


King Crimson “Happy Family” [from Lizard, 1970]


One for the holiday season


  1. I continue to get such a kick out of your Cover Art series. What’s your MO? Do you find album covers with common themes and then search for an appropriate song with which to pair them? Or do you pick a song and then look for the art? Or do you go back and forth between those two methods?


    1. Yes, there is a modus operandi and it’s your first hypothesis. The covers come first: I take a photo of the records then go looking for a suitable song for the post’s title.
      I’m glad to report that the number of times I have purchased an LP purely for a ‘Cover Art’ photo is a small finite number. Although the very first ‘pair’ was one I sought out purely for the covers. I’ll post that in January, I think, having avoided it so far because I was scared people might think the covers indicated a liking for the artists. Horror!

      Thanks very much for the positive feedback, JDB. Appreciate it.


  2. That family on the right looks vaguely familiar. Like maybe they used some of my cousins for the dummy kids, heh heh.

    I’m going to post some photos of myself as a kid in a few days – with my blue radio, in my band uniform, etc. as my little holiday gift for everyone. Should be a laugh riot. 😉


    1. The B&W photo is actually my family of origin in relaxed pre-Christmas dinner mode.
      Look forward to your snaps too. 😉


  3. I guess the more formal occasions were a little more wooden, heh heh. 😉


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