Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick [Chrysalis, 1972]  /  Frances Faye – Caught In The Act, Volume 2 [GNP, 1959]


Steely Dan “I Got The News” [Aja, 1977]


Settle back, folks. There are many column inches in this theme


  1. Can I confess, I’ve never heard a note of Jethro Tull.


    1. This is their fifth and many people’s favourite. Though many prefer the previous album ‘Aqualung’. Sort of like Dark Side vs Wish You Were Here. Like the Floyd, TAAB is perhaps the fullest, most proggie expression of that side of Tull’s nature.

      Meself? I like the first three albums very much indeed: inventive, energetic, some great singles to boot and enough progressive elements to keep things interesting but not disappear down the flute.
      Have a listen to ‘Stand Up’ if you want to test the waters.

      And ain’t that a lot more information than you wanted?!


      1. Actually I lied, I have downloaded ‘Locomotive Breath’ as part of a compilation.

        Thank you I will investigate further.


      2. Thanks for owning up. Don’t forget, Tull beat out Metallica for the ‘Heavy Metal’ Grammy in 1989. Call yourself a metal-head?


  2. Ah yes, two fantastic selections. Love ’em both. Nearly every road trip is a Tull-athon for me.


    1. As time has passed, I’ve found myself gravitating to the earlier Tull albums. Think I might have to write about one. But which??!


      1. Daddydinorawk · · Reply

        Stand Up.

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  3. Yes pick a JT album B and do it (if you haven’t already, Im still in 2014). CB ps we both know it’s about the music but Tull has some great covers. So did their cousins Blodwyn Pig

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