Buddy Guy and Junior Wells ‘Play the Blues’ [Atlantic 1972]  /  Buckingham Nicks “Buckingham Nicks” [Polydor 1973]


Brian Ferry “Let’s Stick Together” [Single / Album 1976]


  1. No offence to Buddy or Junior but I know which cover I’d rather be in; move aside Mr Buckingham.

    I saw Buddy Guy & Junior Wells once, sheer dynamite.


    1. Saw Buddy without Junior in Melbourne some years ago. He was dynamic and entertaining in an unfamiliar way – for example, he rarely finished a song before jumping into a new one!


      1. Sort of ADH/DC ?


        1. Yep. That describes it. Showing off was a component too!


  2. The Prudent Groove · · Reply

    What are your thoughts on the Sound City doc? Although I respect him, I’m not a fan of Dave Grohl, but I found that doc to be heavily entertaining.


  3. I dearly love that Buckingham-Nicks album. Can’t get it on iTunes or CD. Sigh.


    1. When so much obscure material is easily acquired, seems strange that B-N is not, given their subsequent fame. Unless, of course, they’ve vetoed it themselves. It’s an OK album rather than a great one, certainly. Are they the sort of folk who’d post unflattering panda-eyes photos of themselves? I suspect not. And that’s why I wouldn’t swap places with Mr B (see 1537’s comment, above), by the way.


  4. Yeah, Mr. B just reeks of arrogance. Not a huge fan of his. But if you’d ever been an angst-ridden teenage girl, then you would have a greater appreciation for this mediocre record. Trust me. I was in the target audience.


    1. Yes, I can see your point. But not just him, surely? We could have a lively exchange of views on the young lady in question, I suspect. But let’s save that until it’s over a drink.


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