The Rasberries – Rasberries’ Best  [Capitol 1976]  /  The Hawking Brothers – Special Edition  [Crest mid-1970s]


“Headline News” – ‘Weird Al’ Jankovic [1994]

A parody of the Crash Test Dummies 1993 song “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”


Rasberries’ Best is a terrific introduction to this excellent 70s power pop band, recently featured at The Delete Bin.

Not being a fan of country music (even the home-grown variety), I cannot say anything about the Hawking Brothers at all.  In fact it is probably part of that tiny category in the Vinyl Connection holding: ‘Unheard’. And not even the omnipresent internet could provide a release year. Not that we care much. On the back cover that lads are wearing fetching while flared trousers with matching jackets. Says it all, really.


  1. Never heard of the Hawking Brothers, but I do clearly recall the white flared trousers and matching jackets. Lots of polyester around here in those days, that’s for sure. I’m not too nostalgic about that aspect of the seventies. Ha!


    1. Indeed, I’d recommend that the caution you might apply to a polyester trouser suit be applied to this particular musical combo.
      Rasberries, however, are always in season.


  2. When I was 9, long before I knew what the words meant, I flipped for “Please Go All The Way”. Something about that opening riff and Eric Carmen’s quasi-mumbling delivery of the opening line. I couldn’t get enough of it. And I, too, just can not bring myself to be more appreciative of the country genre. Lastly, my day was made by reading a sentence with the word ‘fetching’ in it.


    1. It’s such a great song. Opening with that crunching riff then the segue into the ‘romantic’ melody. And just before the saccharine rots your teeth (pre-pubescent girls have strong protection from musical caries, so they’re exempt), the guitars burst back in. It’s a perfect Yin Yang.


      1. Totally agree – that’s a fantastic song. Great description of it…except I don’t think of it as saccharin – I would call it pure honey. But then again, I’ve never really grown up. 😉

        Must go tweet this song now to remind the world how great it is, ha!


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