Cliff Richard – Good News [EMI 1967]  /  Sweet Honey in the Rock – Good News [Flying Fish 1981]


If compelled to receive Good News, it is perfectly clear whose news this correspondent would rather hear. Indeed, Cliff’s platter would be a strong contender for my ‘Purgatory Picks’ radio show. The use of the two words of the album title for the entire text of the newspaper cover (other than the song list) gives you some idea of the paucity of creativity etched into this one. Avoid. Even at Easter.

Saw Sweet Honey in the Rock in Melbourne in the early 80s. Brilliant voices, uplifting harmonies.



  1. I saw Sweet Honey in the Rock at my university circa 1985. They were amazing! I bought all their albums and I now have some of their stuff from iTunes. Never met anyone else that has seen them or likes them. Very cool. 🙂


    1. Back a few years – or decades! 😦 – the major venue for medium sized concerts in Melbourne was Dallas Brooks Hall. It was – and is – owned by the Freemasons, I believe. Saw a few gigs there, including Leo Kottke, Larry Norman (true!) and the Modern Jazz Quartet. And Sweet Honey in the Rock.


      1. Sweet Honey were absolutely amazing! Those magnificent harmonies! And nothing but a few simple percussion instruments to accompany them. Didn’t know they ever toured overseas; they have never been very known even here. So glad you got to see them.


  2. Sorry Bruce, I just can’t press Like when Cliff is involved. Just can’t!!


    1. Ms Connection commented that my ‘review’ was harsh. Funny, I thought I was being generous to Sir Cliff!


      1. Me too – I had my suspicions, briefly, that you may in fact be him.


  3. He has more hair but I’ve had less cosmetic surgery. 😦


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