pair News TullIMG_3017




“Yesterday’s Papers” by The Rolling Stones [1967]


CoverArt Pair #29

Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick [Chrysalis, 1972]  /  Frances Faye – Caught In The Act, Volume 2 [GNP, 1959]

CoverArt Pair #38

Howard Roberts “Guilty!!” [EMI 1967]  /  Elvis Presley “The Memphis Record” [RCA 1987]

CoverArt Pair #40

The Rasberries – Rasberries’ Best  [Capitol 1976]  /  The Hawking Brothers – Special Edition  [Crest mid-1970s]

CoverArt Pair #41

Cliff Richard – Good News [EMI 1967]  /  Sweet Honey in the Rock – Good News [Flying Fish 1981]

CoverArt Pair #39

Tom Waits – Heartattack and Vine [Asylum, 1980]  /  Various Artists – Red White & Blue (Grass) Pickin’ Up! [General Recording Corporation, 1975]


Thought this series was worth a précis.






  1. The Prudent Groove · · Reply

    These look great all lined up! Would make for pleasing desktop wallpaper.


    1. ‘Twould. Except that I just know I’d keep losing files amongst the newspaper type.


  2. Lego time 😉


    1. Now those covers in digitised Lego would be rather tricky, methinks. For advanced de-pixelisers only!


  3. So does that mean only 1/2 the connection? That’s pants!


  4. Think I’ve read “The Raspberries” the most out of all of them. They are always sweet & poppy and easy on the ears.


    1. Had you logged as a fellow power pop aficionado, so no surprises there!


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