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 Danny Kirwan – Second Chapter [DJM, 1975]  /  The Bonzo Dog Band – History of the Bonzos [United Artists, 1974]


Bonzo Dog Band - History

The Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band were a music and comedy group featuring the songwriting skills of Neil Innes and the unique eccentricity of Vivian Stanshall.


Danny Kirwan - Second Chp

Danny Kirwan is best known for his work with Fleetwood Mac, who he joined in 1968. His first recorded work with the band was the timeless single “Albatross”. According to Wikipedia, legendary guitarist Peter Green later stated that, “I would never have done “Albatross” if it wasn’t for Danny. I would never have had a number one hit record.”

Kirwan was a fluid and melodic guitarist who featured on (and wrote songs for) the four Fleetwood Mac albums from Then Play On to Bare Trees, after which he was fired. Alcohol was a demon and mental health problems ensued. He was prominent on my favourite Mac album, Future Games (1971).

It would be great if Danny Kirwan got the respect he deserves.


Elvis Costello – “Every day I write the book” (Punch the Clock, 1983)


  1. Sad about Danny. Wow. Hate to see talent and potential destroyed like that. Such is life, I guess. I like those cool looking album covers, btw. They have that fairy tale appeal about them. And it would pretty much be my ultimate dream to be in a comedy/musical group. Lol.


    1. Tell me more about your fantasy comedy/musical group!
      Does it involve costumes? Animals? Euphoniums?


      1. How about all of the above? And you can be in it with me. I want to wear a Charlie Chaplin outfit and a Little Bo Peep outfit, so write us some skits and a couple of songs with that in mind, okay? It’ll be great! We’ll be an international hit! 😉


  2. What a great player. He definitely gets overlooked. “Dragonfly” is one of my favourite Mac songs.


    1. Don’t know the song, I’m afraid. A non-album single that evaded capture at Vinyl Connection! Will definitely track it down, especially as it fits in time-wise with Future Games. Cheers.


      1. I have it on the UK edition of their Greatest Hits. It can usually be got pretty cheap on vinyl. It’s well worth getting, one of those comps that just has a perfect tracklisting. Even though I have all the tracks on other albums I still go back to this one.


    2. Thanks for the Discogs link. I do recognise that cover. Nice to see that the comp also includes the b-side part 2 of “Oh Well”.


  3. I love that Bonzos comp, it’s got some rather rare post-Bonzos material on it too . Very underrated band (musically) I’ve always thought – Gorilla was my first ever LP.


    1. Coming late to the Bonzos, I’ve found them rather dated and difficult to enjoy. I wonder whether it’s one of those ‘of their time’ things that we’ve mentioned before. Your positive impressions from a tender age have carried through, but without early indoctrination, a bit flat perhaps. For instance, I utterly adore Neil Innes in The Rutles, but wonder how a ‘new’ listener would find them?

      Nevertheless, if you know the Bonzos comp well, I’d welcome suggestions to have a listen to.


      1. I’ve just always found them hilarious in a Monty Python type way, but they were one of the sounds of my childhood.

        There’s a compilation LP from the late 60’s with the early Bonzos, Temperance Seven & The Alberts which perfectly straddles the British music hall sound to the later satire. More to the point it’s a very mellow Sunday listening.


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