It having been a while since a newspaper cover post, here are four more.

I doubt whether agitprop punks Wasted Youth would appreciate nestling with The Muppets but I liked the incongruent pairing. As there is no record label, no year or any other information on the sleeve, presumably this was a self-released album of small market penetration. It’s good, though, in a low-fi high-energy punky way.

newspaper pair muppet

pair News Stars

OST – The Great Muppet Caper [Warner, 1981]          Wasted Youth – Wasted Youth Live [no information]

 Stars On – Stars on Long Play [Mercury, 1981]          Peter Combe – Newspaper Mama [ABC Records, 1987]


News of the world – The Jam [single, 1978]


  1. Perfect


  2. Have you done Heart Attack & Vine / Tokyo Storm warning yet?


    1. The link at the top of the post will reveal the former. The latter is still to come (along with quite a few others).


      1. Ahh, I missed the link but had an inkling I’d seen you use HA&V .


  3. Since I would now look stupid and thick mentioning the “St Cleve Herald” coverart, I’ll instead compliment you on your header choices of Osibisa, Greenslade, Traffic Live, Santana/Miles live in the Hawai volcano, Zinc, and the previously mentioned bottom one.


    1. Thanks Earl. I’m not sure that the ‘rainbow’ effect worked as well as I’d imagined, but it was quite fun scouring the shelves for the coloured spines while trying to pick LPs that are a bit interesting.
      I did a black one and a white one too, both currently sitting on the interchange bench.


  4. […]  Title: Peter Coombe – Newspaper Mama [Album, 1987]. Appeared here. […]


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