Ideal “Bi Nuu” [Warner Bros, 1983]  /  W.H.Y. “Woman of Steel” [IC Records, 1983]

W.H.Y. was a short-lived side-project of Aussie music legend Mike Rudd (Spectrum, Ariel)

Ideal were a German electronic pop/rock outfit

“Can We Still Be Friends” Todd Rungren [1988]


When I originally hung this pair of covers on the wall (in the days before Vinyl Connection) it was the design symmetry that grabbed me. The similarity of the torsos and the arm angles was, I thought, very striking. In the absence of much personalising detail, the juxtaposition of the images produced an interesting geometric effect.

When I came to take the photo of the pair to publish here I accidentally swapped the covers, left and right.

This produced a very different image.

And suggested a very different story.


WHY-Ideal pair


Today is White Ribbon Day in Australia.

Family Violence is an everyday issue. Every day.

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