Steve Gibbons Band

Wendy Waldman Strange

Waldman BACK

Kenny Neal Big News

Kenny Neal Back cover


Three more newspaper LP covers in the increasingly occasional series.

Steve Gibbons – Caught In The Act (Polydor 1977)

Wendy Waldman – Strange Company (Warner Brothers 1978)

Kenny Neal – Big News From Baton Rouge!! (Alligator 1988; originally rel. 1986)


Steve Gibbons Band Live – Caught In The Act’ has, on its front cover, a collection of positive reviews of live concerts. Playing a brand of energetic pub rock that brings to mind honest journeyman rockers like Bob Seger, the SGB is road toughened and competent.

Wendy Waldman was an LA ‘soft rock’ artist (see Karla Bonoff, Linda Ronstadt) whose fifth album (above) was rockier and the most successful. It requires commitment (and demonstrates creativity) when the newspaper theme continues on the back cover; this is an excellent example with some inspired nonsense.

Kenny Neal‘s first album as leader followed a long stint with Buddy Guy playing bass. Good brass, some nice keyboard work. Perhaps not, at this stage, a fully developed individual style, but never less than competent.



  1. Never less than competent – I’d settle for that as an epitaph.


    1. Framed that way, it suddenly sounds like a lofty ambition!

      Liked by 1 person

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