Crazy Laurence

VA - Bezerk Times

Jefferson Airplane Volunteers

Volunteers - back cover


Crazy Laurence And The Front Page Band – Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever! – Meridian 1980

One purchased entirely on the basis of its cover. Good time covers of rock and roll classics. Not memorable.


Various Artists – Bezerk Times – Decca (West Germany) 1978

According to the back cover, the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The is the best fun in Hamburg? Possibly a slight overstatement.

Four bands have a live side each. Greg Kihn plays pop rock with occasional power pop overtones, Rubinoos do 50s rock ‘n’ roll pastiche here (though they allegedly have power pop tropes too), Earth Quake are undistinguished 70s heavy rock and Tyla Gang do some pleasant sub-Bob Seger rock.


Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers – RCA 1969

The classic in this collection – and another example of a strong ‘newspaper’ themed back cover to boot. Contains the immortal title track and ‘Wooden Ships’, co-written by Paul Kantner, David Crosby and Stephen Stills.



  1. Bezerk Times indeed … surely you must own every newspaper cover LP by now?


    1. Still searching for Guns ‘n’ Roses!


  2. Elvis Costello Tokyo Storm Warning?


      1. Doh! I can’t think of any others I’ve got that you haven’t covered already. At the risk of you telling me you’ve already done it – how about ‘Hallelujah! Louis Jordan’s Back!’


        1. Oooh! Don’t know that one. Send me a photo and I’ll include it – with suitable attribution of course.


          1. I’m operating from memory here, its one my folks had:

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            1. Fantastic! Love it.

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            2. It’s a brilliant LP too, I used to play the opening track (Saturday Night Fish Fry) a lot as a teenager.


            3. I really enjoy Louis Jordan too. Got a couple of CDs spanning the phases of his career. I wonder if the lack of honouring of his music stems from it’s fun, upbeat good-time nature

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            4. If I was managing him now I’d probably get him to cover a couple of Radiohead numbers, to establish a bit more edgy cool credibility.


            5. More Katie Perry than Radiohead, surely?!

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            6. Nope, I’m going to do a Johnny Cash on him and put together an LP of carefully chosen angsty covers; oh, okay I’ll puut ‘I Kissed a Girl ..’ on there too!

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