President Strikes Back

Saxes Inc

Coryell - Catherine Twin


Marc London & Cast “The President Strikes Back” [Kapp, 1963]

This Kennedy era comedy LP has a surprisingly high profile even today. Listed in Rate Your Music and Discogs, available via Amazon or eBay, even on Spotify. Guess that’s the JFK magic.


Various Artists “Saxes, Inc” [Warner Brothers, 1959]

Recorded in Vitaphonic High Fidelity, no less, this album boasts “13 of the country’s top sax men in a musicians’ – and listeners’ – holiday”. While applauding their deft use of apostrophes, it must be pointed out that, apart from Coleman Hawkins and a young Phil Woods, none of these gentlemen are household names, even in jazz-friendly homes. Still, a fun variety of saxaphonic treats.


Larry Coryell – Philip Catherine “Twin House – Guitar Duos” [Elektra, 1977]

This excellent jazz album features Texan six-string sharp shooter Larry Coryell in unaccompanied duos with Brussels sprout Philip Catherine. (That is what someone from the capital of Belgium is called, isn’t it?). Along with Thick As A Brick and a handful of others, this LP is one that predated Vinyl Connection’s obsession with newspaper themed album art, being purchased entirely for its outstanding guitar playing.


And now we are getting very near the end of this interminable ‘newspaper’ series.


  1. Only ever owned one Coryell album – Back together again, with Alphonse Mouzon. Catherine featured on a couple of tracks I think.


    1. The Coryell catalogue is large and varied. Few are completely satisfying but most offer lots of great playing. Spaces and the first Eleventh House album are my favourites. I think this is the one you refer to…
      Coryell – Mouzon

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