Peter Sellers LP

Tom Paxton - Report

Beach Boys 1969


Peter Sellers – Sellers Market – EMI/United Artists 1978

Tom Paxton – The Paxton Report – Mountain Railroad Records 1980

Beach Boys – Beach Boys ’69 Live in London – Capitol USA 1976 / EMI UK 1970


These album covers are clearly not in the ‘facsimile newspaper’ category but provide an epilogue to the occasional series.

Yes folks, after some four dozen editions of newspaper themed album design, the final post has hit the stands. There have been many faux newspapers pretending to promote or report on the featured artist, and numerous albums that purported to be an actual newspaper; we have seen cuttings and clippings, torn sheets and tear-throughs, breaking news and bad jokes. The music has covered everything from folk to film, from punk to protest, from classical to classic rock. And we’re done.

Well, almost. There’s one more and it is such an interesting album (both the cover and, surprisingly, the music) that it has earned its own post sometime soon. Don’t cancel your subscription just yet.


  1. I’d like to renew mine if possible!


    1. Due to a high volume of calls, all our Customer Service representatives are busy at present, but please hold the line. We value your call and will be with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the music, this week featuring the album ‘Barbara Streisand Sings Metal Machine Music’.

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  2. I like that Peter Sellers one. Can almost imagine the papers being lowered to reveal 3 Peter Sellers!

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