Give the people what they want. Or as the wonderfully named Roman, Juvenal, put it: give ’em “bread and circuses”. Good advice for popularist leaders everywhere.

A couple of requests arose from the last cover pairs post. So today we have doctors and naughty bits.


Medical album covers

Three Dog Night “Hard Labour” [Dunhill/ABC 1974]

National Health “National Health” [Esoteric 1977]

Rant: A big round of applause for national health systems. Because every citizen deserves access to quality medical services. That such a basic human right could be framed as ‘political’ is sickening.

Trivia: the cover above (from the VC collection) is the censored version. Here is the original. Any diagnostic comments?


The bottom line: if you were giving birth to an LP, you’d want experts on hand, surely?

Now, talking of bottoms…



Thirsty Moon Roger Waters

Roger Waters “The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking” [EMI 1984]

Thirsty Moon “You’ll Never Come Back” [Brain 1974]

For aficionados of the derrière, everywhere (but especially in Wales and Ontario).

Factoid: The Waters cover was censored in some territories (Good Morning, Home of the Free!).


Bottom line Bonus: The feature image from the original post.


Brand X – The Plot Thins: A History of Brand X [Virgin 1992]



Jeff Beck Apple

Apple “An Apple a Day” [1969]

The Jeff Beck Group “Beck-Ola” [EMI 1969]

What was that dietary advice?




  1. That Blink 182 cover has always caused a decidedly queasy feeling.

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    1. Queasy and uneasy!

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  2. Yikes, that Three Dog Night cover is c-r-e-e-p-y! What’s with those feet (and the face, for that matter) on the female ‘creature’ birthing the album? And is the scrub nurse on the left holding a microphone?

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    1. Utterly creepy. And yes, it is a mic. I reckon the dude fainted against the back wall has the right idea. So, are you glad your requested a medical theme? 😉


  3. These are all fantastic! Buttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbutts…

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  4. Wow that Three Dog Night cover is a splendid WTF? masterpiece. Love it!

    Also like that Brand X bum bird thing.

    My surgery pick would be Autopsy’s Severed Survival. And for bums you can’t go wrong with Whitesnake’s Lovehunter.

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    1. Thanks for those enlightening contributions, HMO. Wish I hadn’t checked out the Autopsy cover so soon after dinner. 😦

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      1. The Whitesnake one is more palatable certainly!

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        1. The snake, you mean? (titter)


          1. Yeah, good bush tucker that!

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  5. I do like a good display of bonkersness on an album cover… and that Three Dog Night certainly receives considerable bonus bonkers credits.

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    1. Massive. (I like to picture the ‘pitch’ meeting…’Guys, I have an idea for the cover of the new album…’)

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  6. Stretching it with the apple a day line but Beck-ola a good choice.

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    1. More corn than fruit? 🙂


  7. Bottoms!! Brilliant. I’ll look at this again in the morning and like it all over again.

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