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Give the people what they want. Or as the wonderfully named Roman, Juvenal, put it: give ’em “bread and circuses”. Good advice for popularist leaders everywhere. A couple of requests arose from the last cover pairs post. So today we have doctors and naughty bits. * Three Dog Night “Hard Labour” [Dunhill/ABC 1974] National Health “National Health” [Esoteric […]


Eric Clapton and girlfriend Charlotte Martin were at London musician’s club The Speakeasy in Spring 1967. It was the same club where, not long previously, Eric had his first taste of LSD in circumstances that were probably not your average first trip, even in that much mythologized year. The way Eric tells it, ‘the Beatles came in […]


* ARRIVING AT VINYL CONNECTION THIS YEAR Continuing an end-of-year tradition by sharing ten album covers that made an impression. Electronic music, particularly that made on analogue instruments, remains a favourite genre at Vinyl Connection. There have been a few releases that have made an impression, particularly this fascinating archival release by Suzanne Ciani. The cover art, part […]


When the boy was little we took an afternoon drive around the ring road to Altona, home of Victoria’s Railway museum. To me it seemed, on that Autumn afternoon, a windswept mausoleum, but the youngster enjoyed clambering up, through, and around the old steam engines. Despite their size (big to enormous), it seemed to make sense […]


Pianist / composer Matthew Bourne has been working in the area of improvised jazz for a number of years, but on acquiring an original Lintronics Advanced Memory Moog he became enamoured with the possibilities offered by this vintage analogue synthesiser. After having the device painstakingly restored, Bourne used the Memory Moog in performance and later […]


Japanese synthesiser pioneer Isao Tomita died in the first week of May at the age of eight-four. Inspired by Robert Moog’s electronic instruments and the work of Wendy Carlos, Tomita produced a substantial catalogue of studio albums in addition to several live releases and a significant body of soundtrack work. In a previous post, I wrote briefly about […]


No words at present. Just a couple of mediocre photos. Ashes to ashes, Funk to funky * (Words here)