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By The Time I Get To Phoenix – Isaac Hayes and the greatest chord change in history.

Originally posted on Kid Slender:
In his 2005 book, Like A Rolling Stone, Greil Marcus essays a theory that the single snare beat that introduces Dylan’s masterpiece of spleen and sarcasm opens a kind of musical Pandora’s box, paving the way for all of rock’s innovation to come, from The Beatles yea unto The Pet…


Being the merciful conclusion of a multi-part wander through the Vinyl Connection year in music Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the 2017 albums of newly recorded (or, in a couple of cases, newly released) music that found their way into the Vinyl Connection cave during the year. All had merit and brought aural […]


Friends of Vinyl Connection will know of the interest we have in the Australian World Record Club for its marvellous album cover designs of the sixties and early seventies. I want to share with you one of my favourites, acquired recently from Mrs Helen Cameron of Keilor Park (via my local Op Shop). Picking up […]


1957 Folk, Pops ‘n Jazz Sampler [Elektra SMP-3] Country tunes rub shoulders with calypso jazz in this time capsule from the early days of long-playing records, when tracks were known as ‘Bands’ and the previous volume was available for $2 from your dealer. At $17.50 in today’s money, that seems quite expensive. Love the album […]


We’ve all bought magazines with ‘free’ CDs. Sometimes for the mag, other times for the disc, occasionally for the challenge of removing the latter from the former without destroying the cover… but what about a magazine with an LP attached? Or is it an LP hidden in a magazine? First published in Germany in October […]


Compilations. Collections of tracks by various artists. They have been around as long as long-playing records and aren’t stopping any time soon. We’ve bought them, made them, mocked them and sometimes even played them. They are ubiquitous. Everyone has some, everyone files them differently. Various Artists. Compiled albums. They include tacky TV specials and curated […]


1977. Forty years ago. Punk sprouted, prog continued, pop morphed; great albums littered the highways of contemporary music… This is the first post of a possible series, presenting albums worthy of acclaim four decades after release. I’ve excluded albums previously covered at Vinyl Connection. So to read about the following gold-plated favourites, just click on […]