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DUNES #3.1

Final instalment of the desert album covers series. In this collection I was particularly struck by the human element, either overt or implied. Although the poor photograph makes the title of the third album impossible to read, it is actually Missing Persons. A prize for the best 100 word story linking all the covers. Afterwards, […]


More album covers for your sandy enjoyment We’ll finish this three-parter with the remaining Vinyl Connection choices next time. Today, however, we are indebted to VC readers whose responses to part one included the albums you see below. Got a favourite? * CREDITS Sleep – Dopesmoker [1537, J.] Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle: […]


Been an eternity since a cover art post. What better reason to dust off some interesting album covers than the current ‘Dune’ series? So don your hat and sandals, slop on some sunscreen and let’s get sandy! THE ALBUMS Gong — Shamal  [Virgin 1975] Helmet — Dead To The World  [Ear Music 2016] Uriah Heep — […]


The last instalment* of the series on gatefold album covers that open vertically. Enjoy. * Keef Hartley Band – Halfbreed  [Deram 1969] May Blitz – May Blitz  [Vertigo 1970] The Peddlers – Birthday  [CBS 1969] Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf – London Revisited  [Chess 1974] Queen – News Of The World  [Elektra (US) / EMI […]


SMOKE AND MIRRORS Ariel — Rock ’n’ Roll Scars [1975] The Saints — (I’m) Stranded [1977] Carson — On the Air [1973] Skyhooks — Ego Is Not A Dirty Word  [1975] Coloured Balls — Ball Power [1973] INXS — The Swing  [1984] Kush — Snow White and the Eight Straights  [1974] Dave Warner — Mug’s […]


A SENSE OF PLACE 1. Ayers Rock — Big Red Rock 2. Goanna — Spirit of Place 3. Yothu Yindi — Tribal Voice 4. Andrew Richardson — Expanse 5. Cold Chisel — Circus Animals 6. Midnight Oil — Diesel and Dust 7. Australian Crawl – The Boys Light Up 8. John Sangster — Lord of […]


It has been quite a while since there’s been an album cover post. So here is a six-pack of six-string instruments from the VC holding, each gee-tar dominating its sleeve. Few humans (or Martians) in sight (other than Robby’s disturbingly disembodied hands and the mortal remains of Mr Be-Bop). THE ALBUMS Chuck Berry – Rockit […]