More a collective than a formal band, Embryo were formed in Munich in 1970 by keyboard player Christian Burchard. It is as impossible to define their music as it would be to list all of the hundreds of musicians who have contributed to the Embryo story over the decades. However it is the early albums […]

A Catholic Education Bandwagonesque Thirteen Grand Prix Songs From Northern Britain Howdy! The millennial year was a challenging one. Having formed a strong and passionate connection with a new partner, I was dismayed to hear that she was decamping to her English homeland for an indeterminate period. This was not my fantasy of how the […]

Is a world of hardening national borders an expression of a global hardening of hearts? UK based multi-national group Vanishing Twin hope not, and on their 2019 album The Age of Immunology invite us to open our ears and minds to a vision of music sans frontières. Formed in Britain in 2015 around the talents […]

There are only so many times you can say g’day to a workplace acquaintance before you find yourself talking about music. This well known fact was supported by extensive laboratory research at the second-last university I worked for.  One morning, queuing at the best caffeine source on campus, I struck up a conversation with a […]

Having enjoyed a couple of recent posts where fellow music nuts share the, er, nuts they have gathered, I thought I’d join the party. Don’t know how it is in your neighbourhood, but in these parts the price of second-hand records has become so absurd that it is often better value buying new re-issues. Seems […]

A long time ago (about a year) we ran a series of Album Cover quizzes on various decades. We covered three epochs (60s, 80s, 00s) but skipped over Vinyl Connection’s favourite decade, the Seventies. Welcome, then, to the post-sixties comedown. * THE RULES Below are fourteen album covers (CD sized) resting on a 12″ LP. […]

White Music Go 2 Drums and Wires Black Sea English Settlement Mummer What an amazing band XTC were. Few rock outfits have produced such an interesting and diverse catalogue of albums, nor shown the kind of growth and development the lads from Swindon demonstrated across fourteen albums between 1978 and 2000. From angular post-punk through […]