The third and final Jimi Hendrix Experience album, the double Electric Ladyland, was released in October 1968. For me it is the greatest of his studio career. It would also be the last studio release in his lifetime, and see the breakup of the Experience. More: the album marked the departure of bassist Noel Redding […]

In Australia we did not get the impressive boxed version of All Things Must Pass. Our version was a three-panel gatefold sleeve with the lyrics printed inside. We did get the poster, though. A dark  3’ x 2’ portrait of a morose, hairy George. But our flimsy fold-out was disappointing. The box had solidity, gravitas. […]

DAY SIX / DISC SIX Music For Future Installations I have an LP of compositions for glass harmonica. Mozart wrote several. “Unnoticed Planet”, the first piece on disc six, has clear, ringing notes hanging suspended in space. Plenty of thin air, enough to enjoy the decay of these glass-like notes. Listening to the final disc […]

DAY FIVE / DISC FIVE Making Space  Holy beatbox Batman! I hear clicky percussion, bass; structure, barlines, time signatures…  The opening track of Making Space, “Needle click”, is nothing even remotely like most people’s understanding of ambient music. Ah, but the box isn’t called ‘Ambient’, my precious, it’s called Music for Installations. So this must […]

DAY FOUR / DISC FOUR After a brief intermission, we continue with the second half of the series (discs 4—6) on Brian Eno’s Music For Installations. I Dormienti / Kite Stories Delicate shimmerings evoke Eno’s Thursday Afternoon (1985). Does “I Dormienti” mean “I scintillate”? But there are little ‘Ha’ moments; sounds like a processed human voice […]

DAY THREE / DISC THREE Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace With this (or any other) evocative title, is Eno elucidating the purpose of the project, defining the setting or evoking a mood? Or perhaps exercising his sense of mischief. Mood and fantasy blur.  I’m wandering in an immense deserted palace in a Dying […]

DAY TWO / DISC TWO * An ambient alphabet amnesiac background calming deep environmental featureless gentle hypnotic interior jointless keyless limpid minimalist nocturnal open peaceful quiet restful soothing transparent unobtrusive vacant waveless xenial yawn zen 77 Million Paintings small celestial gongs wisps of synths tones that reverberate for so long you forget where they began […]