The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday LP

It’s incredible to think that 1967 saw the release of the fourth album by The Byrds. The Fourth! How could they have been around that long? No longer known mainly as the janglifying popularizers of Bob Dylan songs, Messrs McGuinn, Crosby, Hillman, et al had expanded their palettes and musical interests for the preceding Fifth Dimension, […]


The first compilation of pairs of album covers from the early days of Vinyl Connection seemed to go down quite well. So here is a second batch. #8 PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Strictly Personal” [Blue Thumb, 1968] Free “Live” [Island, 1971] For extra postal authenticity, the Free album actually has a […]

Cream - Disraeli Gears LP

Eric Clapton and girlfriend Charlotte Martin were at London musician’s club The Speakeasy in Spring 1967. It was the same club where, not long previously, Eric had his first taste of LSD in circumstances that were probably not your average first trip, even in that much mythologized year. The way Eric tells it, ‘the Beatles came in […]


It all started with an idea that it would be fun to display some album cover art on the walls at Vinyl Connection Headquarters. Having a couple of suitable frames lolling about in the music room, it was simply a matter of negotiating with Ms Connection over where they should hang. Either side of the ugly old wall furnace on […]

Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic CD LP

What can you say about an album that boasts two of the best songs—not just of 1967—but of the entire 60s decade? An album that took San Francisco’s psychedelic “turn on, tune in, drop out” philosophy to the rest of America and indeed the world and has been garnering five-star reviews ever since? Grace Slick […]

Ohr label

A visual post of some favourite record labels * Which of these do you like the most? What label would you add? *  


Most of us can remember those family visits we were forced to endure as a child. The Uncle and Aunty who served the stale biscuits, Dad’s former work colleague and his wife whose own child, fully two years older, totally ignored the visiting juvenile, the Grandparents whose dusty, dim house imprisoned you for the mandatory […]