UB 40 Signing Off

If you have an awful lot of music, the question inevitably arises, ‘How should I file it?’ The debate has been raging forever, or at least since Thomas Edison kicked off music collecting. In fact these pages have recently seen some lively Commentary. That’s file as in ‘put a physical object somewhere where you stand a better-than-even chance […]


Music Room full yet? Almost [smile] Can I check it out? Er… Sure [Are you lint free? Dandruff free? Dusted? Scrubbed? Fully prepped?]  New shelves! Neat. All the better to file you in, my dears. Alphabetical order, of course. [covert sigh] A, top left. Z round there, low. No system, no find it. Compilations? You, […]

Dick Hyman CD

It’s not all vinyl! vinyl! vinyl! here at Vinyl Connection^. Half a lifetime of collecting Compact Discs has resulted in a well entrenched habit, meaning a steady trickle of the little silver coasters has entered VC Headquarter over the past twelve months. Here is a selection. King Crimson — Absent Lovers, Montreal 1984 [DGM 2007] […]

Bowie Blackstar

2016 — Top Five New Releases Although Vinyl Connection managed a respectable bag of new release during 2016, less than half of them actually made it to these pages during the calendar year. We were onto the new one by post-rock instrumentalists Tortoise back in February and rushed towards the release by local artist All India […]

Claudine Longet - Love is Blue WRC

* ARRIVING AT VINYL CONNECTION THIS YEAR Continuing an end-of-year tradition by sharing ten album covers that made an impression. Electronic music, particularly that made on analogue instruments, remains a favourite genre at Vinyl Connection. There have been a few releases that have made an impression, particularly this fascinating archival release by Suzanne Ciani. The cover art, part […]

Max Rose Electronics

Christmas trading at Max Rose Electronics was rarely frantic but usually busy. Which was just as well. Like many small businesses, Max relied on a significant spike in December sales to coast through the hot holiday months of January and February. In those years when I was a part-time sales assistant on Friday nights and […]

jazz records

…Being Part 2 of the Vinyl Connection end-of-year round-up Could this be the 10 days of Jazz Christmas? Not really, just highlights selected from those jazz discs arriving at VC this year, presented in chronological order. * Solar system huge, supernova-hyped. To these ears, pretty disappointing. As someone 1537 times wittier than me observed, those vocals just evoke Star Trek every time. Visit […]