A gala dinner was held last night as several famous past champions were inducted into the Roland Garros Hall of Fame. Recalling his first win soon after the war, when everything was played at 78 rpm, Charles Aznavour waxed lyrical. She may be the face I can’t forget, A trace of pleasure or regret, May […]

In an unprecedented move, tournament officials called a Press Conference this morning, hoping to calm the uproar over the absence of electro-pop duo Air from the draw. ‘It’s not our fault. They missed the deadline.’ It would have been one of the shortest conferences in history. But as the level of dissatisfied muttering in the […]

Excitement is a word often associated with Paris, as is love. Both are present in abundance as the French Grand Slam approaches like a fully laden 747. Most of the main contenders have settled into their accommodation and have familiarised themselves with the facilities which are, as usual, outstanding.  Around the practice courts casual observers […]

Berlin native Klaus Schulze formed his first band—Psy Free—in 1967. He was part of the birth of Tangerine Dream, playing on their debut Electronic Meditation, joined Manuel Göttsching in Ash Ra Temple for a while, and was an important part of the Cosmic Couriers team. Although revered for his role as a major innovator and […]

SIDE ONE Most of the discography of Johannes Kepler was produced in the early sixteen hundreds. His first producer, Prince Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, helped him move beyond teaching to become a major player in the scientific revolution of the 17th-century. Kepler’s early genre was mathcore, though he dabbled in spiritual jazz (astrology) and progressive […]

SMOKE AND MIRRORS Ariel — Rock ’n’ Roll Scars [1975] The Saints — (I’m) Stranded [1977] Carson — On the Air [1973] Skyhooks — Ego Is Not A Dirty Word  [1975] Coloured Balls — Ball Power [1973] INXS — The Swing  [1984] Kush — Snow White and the Eight Straights  [1974] Dave Warner — Mug’s […]

The thing with progressive music is, it’s a bit more complex and structured. Which means, depending on what prejudices you bring to the argument, that it is either (a) music for wanky poseurs, or (b) something to spend a bit of time with before passing judgement. No surprises that, as a card-carrying wanky poseur, I […]