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Browsing the ‘Cover Pairs’ posts for the compilation/deletion project, I came across SEABIRD [COVER POST #37]. Having written on Chick Corea’s Return to Forever—my first ECM album and a record that still brings great enjoyment—it’s time to tell you about a favourite feel-good album, Paradise Volume One by Australian composer/musician John Sangster. Now Mr Sangster […]


 The debut album by Australian pop-rockers Skyhooks was released on 28th October 1974. Artwork was by Niels Hutchison. Read a memoir and album reflection here (previous post). When the first of several re-unions eventuated in the early 80s the band toured and – surprise surprise – released an album Live in the 80s in 1983.  What […]

Terminal Buzz [Cover Art #7]

Spectrum “Part One” [1971] Spectrum “Miles Ago” [1971] The Indelible Murtceps “Warts Up Your Nose” [1973] Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Testimonial” [1973] Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Terminal Buzz” [1973] From The Age, Thursday August 8, 2013, Melbourne “Bill Putt, a founding member of 1970s progressive rock group Spectrum, has died from a heart attack” Goodnight […]