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The legendary Australian progressive band Spectrum went into cryogenic storage in mid-1973. When you think of the departure of a band – especially a well-regarded one with a series of albums to its credit – you tend to think of record company neglect or audience indifference. That image doesn’t quite fit the last year in Spectrum’s […]

Terminal Buzz [Cover Art #7]

Spectrum “Part One” [1971] Spectrum “Miles Ago” [1971] The Indelible Murtceps “Warts Up Your Nose” [1973] Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Testimonial” [1973] Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Terminal Buzz” [1973] From The Age, Thursday August 8, 2013, Melbourne “Bill Putt, a founding member of 1970s progressive rock group Spectrum, has died from a heart attack” Goodnight […]