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I’ve just woken from a fitful doze, 34,000 feet above the Caspian Sea. Not that it is visible as we hurtle through an orange-pink upper altitude cloud carpet at 578 mph, but it’s down there somewhere below the crumpled sheets of puffy stuff. That is what the animated map tells me, anyway. What a clever little […]


A gentle four note phrase hovers, a small colourful bird on the wing, leading, beckoning, from bush to branch. It is still, early, a breath of dew on the lawn where lines of cut grass betray yesterday’s mowing. The bird trills as the light brightens, slowly at first. The melody becomes more insistent. Then the […]

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE [Cover Art Pair #3]

Triumvirate “Spartacus” [EMI Electola, 1975]   /   Bee Gees “Idea” [Polydor, 1968] Wolfgang Dauner “Output” [ECM 1970] i said ‘ pairs’ but this Dauner cover blew the fuse confronting stark ugly darkly comic true? my current life? here’s the back Debby Boone [1977]