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It is difficult to imagine a world without John’s song “Imagine”. From the time it appeared on the album of the same name in September 1971—and then as a single a month later—it has become an anthem and a lullaby, a protest and a non-religious prayer, a campfire sing-along and a manifesto for dreamers. It […]

1971 COUNTDOWN: #7—#5

7  DAVID BOWIE — Hunky Dory This is David Bowie hitting his straps. Looking outward, observing; turning inward, mining; drifting starwards, dreaming. Confidence growing, stature expanding, ambition exploding. This is a singer-songwriter straining against the leash, still with an arm around his folk-rock roots (“Song for Bob Dylan”) but also pointing towards the future with […]


The idea of a brief album review is quite appealing. Can a meaningful commentary be jammed into, say 200 words? A little while back, a number of bloggers took up that challenge, with interesting results. Vinyl Connection’s contributions are here and here. But what about reviewing an album using no words at all? That was the gauntlet […]


Welcome to Round 2 of the Album Cover Portrait Playoff. If you missed Round 1, check it out here. Pick whichever cover/portrait you prefer, focussing on the art rather than the artist, on the visuals rather than the music. In the comments section, list your ‘winner’ for each of the eight matches. Feel free to include comments […]


Four freshly published newspaper album covers. They just keep coming, don’t they? 1. A personal favourite. “Music Addict Overcomes His Agressions!” 2. One purchased entirely for the newspaper themed cover. 3. Love is All Around provided the LP for my gravatar photo. 4. A classic newspaper cover (though scarcely a classic Lennon album). * * Dr […]


Being away from home and the comforts of one’s turntable could be considered a golden opportunity to disengage from relentless music acquisition. But for the dedicated Vinyl Hunter Gatherer there is no such thing as a holiday. There are Op Shops, there are Collectables Emporia and there are markets. The first two are very hit-and-miss […]