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What links Shakespeare, composer John Cage and actor Leslie Nielsen? What, for that matter, do robots, tape loops, and the invention of the micro dress have in common? Still scratching the old cranium? How about this: A connection between electric tonalities, Anne Francis, and monsters from the unconscious mind. Loosely based on The Tempest, Shakespeare’s […]


As an under-graduate I adhered strictly to the maxim, ‘Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow’. Years later when I was teaching at uni I used to explore learning styles with each new group. One of the exercises asked students to position themselves along a continuum from ‘Early starting’ to ‘Pressure prompted’. […]


It is not easy to appreciate the interest – the fervour even – generated by Erich von Däniken’s book Chariots of the Gods? when it was published in 1969 (the year after the original German publication). Without doubt the excitement was fuelled by the Apollo 11 moon landing in July of that year. Anything seemed […]


One of the tell-tale signs of the activated Vinyl Hunter-Gatherer is how their speed increases when they approach a Record Store. Up on the balls of their feet, there is a pronounced spring in the step as the shortest possible distance from here to the records is calculated with pinpoint precision. Breathing may be more […]