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Like a reverse sunset, we fade from orange to yellow. * Melbourne’s Skyhooks were hugely popular and successful in the mid to late 1970s, playing a glammed-up radio-friendly rock. This debut is beloved of an entire generation who lapped up the insightful and sometimes mischievous songs set in places we knew well. You can’t beat […]


 The debut album by Australian pop-rockers Skyhooks was released on 28th October 1974. Artwork was by Niels Hutchison. Read a memoir and album reflection here (previous post). When the first of several re-unions eventuated in the early 80s the band toured and – surprise surprise – released an album Live in the 80s in 1983.  What […]


When Skyhooks played Melbourne Uni’s Wilson Hall in 1974 they were just about to erupt into the charts with their game-changing debut album. There was a buzz around the band and the big hall was packed with the ‘I’ve heard they’re good’ curious, the ‘saw them at Martini’s ages ago’ hip, and the ‘Who’s playing […]