Vinyl Connection is delighted to present another group blogging festival…


Contributors have selected various artists compilations  and written about them in their own unique style.

During the ten days of the festival, some will post once, others more frequently.

Click on the links and enjoy a lucky dip of musical surprises!

(This page will be updated regularly)

Various Artists—An Introduction  [Vinyl Connection]

Various Artists Jukebox cover LPs



This One’s Worth Saving (1995)  [1001AlbumsIn10Years]

Working Class Gyro  [jhubner73]

And If The Light Should Fall  [1537]

Nature’s Best? 30 Great New Zealand Songs (Part 4 – Finale!)  [Aphoristic Album Reviews]

Nature’s Best? 30 Great New Zealand Songs (Part 3)  [Aphoristic Album Reviews]

Nature’s Best? 30 Great New Zealand Songs (Part 2)  [Aphoristic Album Reviews]

Nature’s Best? 30 Great New Zealand Songs (Part 1)  [Aphoristic Album Reviews]

Tulare Dust: A Songwriter’s Tribute To Merle Haggard  [Cincinnati Babyhead]

Stay Awake – Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films  [Cincinnati Babyhead]

You. Know. I. Can. Make It Last Forever, Baby [Better Than Chocolate]  [Living A Beautiful Life]

Tannoy Pro Sampler Volume 2  [Boppin’s Blog]

Concerts in the Sky – The Campfire Versions (1996)  [Boppin’s Blog]

Solid 7 Volume 1 – UK Stoner Rock (2015)  [Boppin’s Blog]

Singles OST (1992; 2017 25th Anniversary Edition)  [Boppin’s Blog]

Plenty more various artists bopping at Boppin’s Blog!

The Blues – From Yesterday’s Masters To Today’s Cutting Edge  [Keepsmealive]

Popdreams and Rocktracks: The Earthquake Album  [Keepsmealive]

The Official 1991 (20th Anniversary) Juno Awards Collection  [Keepsmealive]

Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11  [Keepsmealive]

Plus many Artists, Various from Aaron at Keepsmealive!

Merry Axemas – A Guitar Christmas (1997)  []

Review: Raw M.E.A.T. 1 (1990)  []

Hit Zone 4 (1998)  []

Only the beginning for Mike at

Are You the Centre of the Universe?  [Vinyl Connection]

Various Artists Go Decade Diving  [Vinyl Connection]

Debuting at #1  [Vinyl Connection]

Hot Dog!  [Vinyl Connection]

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New contributions welcome!

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