Folk, Pops ‘n Jazz Sampler

[Elektra SMP-3]

Country tunes rub shoulders with calypso jazz in this time capsule from the early days of long-playing records, when tracks were known as ‘Bands’ and the previous volume was available for $2 from your dealer. At $17.50 in today’s money, that seems quite expensive. Love the album cover design.


The Roots of America’s Music Volume 1

[Arhoolie Records 2001/2]

Listening notes and recommendations kindly provided by previous owner. On the back cover we are informed that the Arhoolie catalogue can be secured by sending 25¢ to their Californian post-office box. Incidentally, Jesse Fuller’s sparse arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ for solo guitar is sublime. Don’t know how Mr DeFacer overlooked it.


Explosive Hits

[EMI EME 1005]

Cliff Richard and Smokie, David Soul and two (2!) from Pussycat. I may have sold this in 1977, but I sure as hell didn’t listen to it. And what are The Saints doing in this MOR company? Nice microphone, though. Capable of destroying planets, I believe.


Summer ’87

[Polystar 830 674 -1]

Top Gun was popular in ’87, wasn’t it? This is the point where I confess that this and Explosive Hits ’77 were purchased entirely for blogging purposes.  Had the idea of a cover art post on TV Special LPs, then realised they are, almost without exception, shite. With Summer ’87, I rest my case; an LP almost as inspiring as its cover design.


POPTOPIA! Power Pop Classics Of The ’90s

[Rhino R2 72730]

This is a series I love. Everything about them: artwork (Pop Art, Warhol), song selection, hologram turntable on the inner tray of the CDs… just fabulous. Covering the usual suspects (The Rembrandts, Posies, Matthew Sweet) as well as artists new to me (The Grass, Tearaways, P.Hux), this wonderful slice of power pop will delight aficionados and make new converts. Now, if only I can find the ’80s one to complete the set…


Musiques Electroniques en France. 1974 – 1984

[Gazul Records 8689.AR]

Not mainstream electronic music by any stretch of la imagination. Even though I have two of the first three albums sampled here, I bought this for the more obscure material that is really hard to find (in any format). Pascal Comelade, the monumental Lard Free. Sadly, the detailed cover notes are in French only; still, this is what compilations are great for!

There is a 2017 Various Artists item in the VC collection, but as it deserves its own dedicated post, I’ll leave you with this teaser.

Let the VA Voyage continue!



  1. That power pop compilation looks great – not sure if I even need it, since I have a decent whack of the tracks already, but it looks fun. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard “Little River Band” and “explosive” in close proximity….

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    1. Heh he. Good point re LRB.
      That Poptopia! series is just fab. Sadly I only have the 70s and 90s discs. The 80s one is a grail album!

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  2. I would say the first sound made in seeing the Sounds of Earth LP is my drool hitting the floor.

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    1. Better the floor than the album. I’m like Nigel Tufnel and his guitar. ‘No, don’t even look at it!’

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      1. This one goes to 11

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        1. It’s one better, innit.

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  3. Oh my goodness, so much greatness! But whomever wrote all over that album cover needs a swift kick in the dangly bits. What kind of animal does that? GAH! But the artwork on that Poptopia set is gorgeous.

    And I’m with Bop. That last bit definitely has my attention!

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    1. It’s weird. Like he (‘cos it must have been a he) needed to remind himself which tracks he liked. ‘Use pen and PAPER you vandal!’

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      1. I see written-on LPs at work. It makes my skin crawl every time!

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    2. I sometimes see that on albums I buy used.
      Usually if the album cover has a song list.

      My guess is either radio or club dj’s did it most to remind themselves what songs to play.

      I also see it a lot on pop albums that young people enjoyed.
      Drawing hearts etc. on Bee Gees, David Cassidy and such.

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  4. I might have to send 25 cents to that post office box!
    That last line of the folk jazz pops sampler “we hope it will just begin to whet your curiousity” definitely also applies to that teaser gold vinyl pic!

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    1. Perhaps some time during the next voyage around the sun.

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  5. Poptopia is ‘Classic’.
    Thanks VC.
    Impressive photography.

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    1. Cheers, DD. I thought the natural brightness would never reappear to allow photography, but it did. Here comes the sun.
      It’s a classic, that.

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  6. Zoiks! That Summer ‘87 is an awful compilation, Bruce. One of the worst I’ve ever seen, to be honest… best track on it being Belinda Carlisle.

    The Poptopia collection is the one that’s grabbed my attention. That’s the kinda compilation I could throw cashpennies at.

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    1. And you might have to, J. Apparently the Poptopia! series are quite rare now. I guess that’s why I’ve never found the 80s one.

      Yes. Summer of ’87 was as hot as a cold fish milkshake.

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      1. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, Bruce!

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  7. What can’t you love about an album that has David Soul and AC/DC on it? I used love that Elektra illustration of the guitar player when I was a kid. – Marty

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    1. Your Explosive vote recorded Marty. And thanks for picking up on that early version of the Elektra label. It’s quite wonderful, isn’t it?

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  8. I’m still chuckling at Keepsmealive’s comment “what kind of animal?” I can hardly hit the right keys. I’ll take the two at the start and the two at the end. You can keep the middle two. Arhoolie and Rhino put out great stuff or did at one time. The keepers are what CB looks for in comps.

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    1. You are a fellow of rare discernment and taste. 😌

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  9. I’ll take the Poptopia one please, have it wrapped and sent to my lodgings.

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  10. Interesting responses to that list. The only one I’d be tempted to listen to without having my arm twisted is the one from ’87. Yes, the one that everyone here gave a definite thumbs down to. Oh well, the gold disk is lovely.

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    1. Sorry this comment slipped through the net, Phil. That preference does somewhat surprise me, I must say. Perhaps you have fond memories of the Summer of ’87?


  11. […] day or so after reading the New Scientist article a post on the Vinyl Connection blog reminded me of the Golden Record attached to Voyagers 1 and 2. On the […]


  12. Come on admit it you bought the 77 album just for the song “Heavens is in the backseat of my Cadillac” and the classic voice of David Soul.

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    1. Ya got me bang to rights, Guv. That and my enduring crush on Brendan.
      (Has anyone ever heard of him, even at the time?)

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      1. I can say that I’ve never heard of him or the band Hot Chocolate.

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  13. Oh man, I totally forgot that Hutch (David Soul) also sang! ‘Don’t Give Up on Us’ out-schmaltzes even the mighty Bread. Explosive indeed! Now, Pussycat may have been great, VC, but not great enough to warrant two tracks. You may want to pull out the spectacles and look again…

    The 50s and 60s offerings here are awesome! And including both Big Mama Thornton and the Mountaineers on one “roots” compilation is just so right.

    Got me a fantastic 1970 compilation at the thrift store just today – Capitol’s Country Festival, a UK release and the first of a series. It may not be Warholian, but I don’t mind its cover at all…

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