“Lou Reed” [RCA 1972]

“Magic & Loss” [Sire 1992]

Lou Reed [March 2 1942 – October 27 2013]


(Reflective piece here)


  1. Auf Wiedersehen Lou Reed. Berlin will never be the same.


  2. Oh sweet Jane, its not a perfect day. Lou’s gone up to the skies…….


    1. It’s so Vicious…


  3. thepiratehorizon · · Reply

    my music records shelf is slowly becoming an altar of the dead. now lou after jj. it comes in the natural course, obviously. still one misses. moreover, considering the serial production of “stars” of the last 20 years, i don’t see around who’s gonna sing the human with their freedom and intensity. i am afraid that once this generation of poets leave earth, poetry will mute. by which i measure also how old i’m getting 😉
    ciao lou. see u on the wild side someday


    1. ‘singing the human’ hits the mark, though I find diminishing returns with later work.
      That growing shelf of yours is inevitable, isn’t it. I guess when we meet to remember, reflect on another passing, we are also connecting with our own pasts.


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