1970: Black Sabbath appear at The Roundhouse in London.

There’s something special about debut albums, so yesterday I got a real Birmingham blast from this lovely Rhino re-issue.


1973: The US release of Dark Side Of The Moon

A ‘trying to be funny’ post on Dark Side of the Moon was one of Vinyl Connection’s less successful. Unlike the album.

Not much one can say about this monster. But I like this cover album pair.


1970: Crosby, Stills & Nash win Best New Artist at the Grammys.

Rather amusing given that, as veterans of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and The Hollies respectively, they had a hundred lifetimes of experience already.

The debut album of this ‘supergroup’ was released in 1969 and still has heaps to offer. It appeared in an early Vinyl Connection post.


Charlie Parker dies, 1955 (b: 29 August 1920)

Time to honour the great jazz saxophonist. If you don’t have a compilation of Bird, seek one out this minute (focussing on the earlier material).


1971: Second of two dates of the Allman Brothers At Fillmore East

I do like a huge sprawling live double album and this is a classic. Which to play: The vinyl or the CD with extra music? Or both? Discogs lists 164 versions of this famous concert album. I really agonised about springing for the 2015 4-LP re-issue. Any VC readers able to report on that one?


Quincy Jones—1933, Chicago

Continue spinning the Allman Bros. Both versions of Fillmore East are wicked.

What’s the most famous rock venue in your part of the world?


1975: The UK #1 album was Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti

I love a huge sprawling studio double album and they don’t come huger or sprawlinger than this one. I’m ready to travel to Kashmir, Boogie with Stu and dig into some Custard Pie. I do like a song about baking. Plus, Phys Graf is the perfect soundtrack for the ides.

16th MARCH

Nancy Wilson—1954, San Francisco (Heart)

Love the early Heart albums. Their combination of female potency and Zeppelin-esque power was immensely refreshing when they first appeared. Kind of continuing the Zepp theme, if you have a soft spot for covers, check out Heart (well, Nancy and Anne and some friends) covering “Stairway to Heaven” at the 2012 Kennedy Centre Honours performance. It would be easy to diss this tribute, but, sentimental fool that I am, I just fucking love it. Nancy nailing the vocals, Jason Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones grooving, Page’s lips moving during the guitar solo, the outrageous stretching of the final pause. And if that ain’t enough to make you moist around the eyelids, there’s a glimpse of a real US President in the audience.

Check your local guide for warnings concerning the ides of March in your region.



  1. I did get the big CD box of the Fillmore concerts with all the nights. Still not listened to it all but it’s interesting to hear. Hadn’t realised that You Don’t Love Me was edited together from different nights. I still opt for the original version though.

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    1. Interesting. That’s the 6CD set?

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      1. Yeah that’s the one. Nice big hardback book thing. Got it cheap or I’d probably have passed on it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s the way to go, isn’t it? The repetition of titles and small variations in arrangement are very much for the dedicated fan!


  2. March was quite the formidable month in the early to mid-70s!

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    1. True! (I suspect that with adequate research, most months would yield gems from every decade. What we have here, Geoff, is a classic example of observer bias 😄)

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  3. A fun look at March. And kudos to you for researching it. Poor Graham Nash — he more than the other two generated the income from the hits, but some of those songs of his really struggle to hold up through the passage of time. I guess “Cathedral” is a nice exception. – Marty


    1. There’s a direct simplicity to Nash’s songs that can be charming… or cloying. On this first CSN outing, I still enjoy “Pre-Road Downs”, while “Lady of the Island” might be an example of what you’re talking about Marty!

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      1. So true, Bruce. And Stills’ backwards guitar on Pre-Road Downs is pretty cool.

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  4. March has always been my favourite month, Bruce. With good reason, too – I’m often treated to some releases from my favourite artists.

    Best rock venue my side of the world, though? Barrowlands, I reckon!

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    1. Hope it isn’t inhabited by barrow wights!

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  5. Interesting to note that, among the groups that Crosby, Stills and Nash beat out for Best New Artist was none other than Led Zeppelin. CSN’s debut album is a longtime favorite. Loved that cover shot of them, and was always intrigued by the guy peering out the window on the back. Through the years, I wonder how many people thought the first track on Side One was “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes” rather than “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”…

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    1. Well, if you heard the title of the opening song spoken, I guess the homonym might sound sweet! How do you think Ms Collins might have heard it?


  6. That Heart & Co. cover of Stairway is phenomenal. Dark Side, in my opinion, is hands down the best rock album ever.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed Nancy, Anne and Co., Walt.
      Big call on Dark Side! A case could certainly be made for it being near the top of the pile in terms of popularity, longevity, and influence (musically and visually).
      Cheers, Bruce.

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  7. What a fantastic idea for a post, well done! And so much greatness there, too! What a week!

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  8. Fountains of Wayne won Best New Artist Grammy for their third album…

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    1. Seven years after their outstanding debut!
      (Actually, Geoff, I know ‘Stacey’s Mom’ was nominated for a Grammy, but I cannot find any reference to the album it came from winning anything. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places!)

      Yes I can: they were nominated in 2004. Evanescence won.

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      1. Sorry – I had it in my head that they won, but they were merely nominated as best new artist.

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  9. Loved the Heart version of Stairway. There must be innumerable covers of that song but none better than this.

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    1. It’s pretty stunning, isn’t it? Jason’s presence adds frisson, of course.

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  10. Friggin’ Charlie Parker. Cashes in his chips at only 34 because he abused himself. It really pisses me off.

    You should see the building that used to be the Fillmore East. A bank. Yes. And CBGBs, just a short walk away, is a John Varvatos boutique. Sheesh!

    Ironically? Coincidentally? That cover of Physical Graffiti was shot on St. Mark’s Place, a short walk from the Fillmore and CBs. Gawd! So much history in just a few minuts’ walk!

    For a real treat–and I mean I get chills everytime I see it–watch Heart’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ at the Kennedy Center Honors. Jimmy Page, clearly thrilled. Robert Plant tears-up. Crank it up.


    1. History is overwritten by property development. We know it’s inevitable, but it still seems kind of sad.


  11. Oh, shit! You discussed it above. Apologies. Late to the show, as usual.


    1. No worries – great minds (ears?) and all that.


  12. Some good ones here Bruce. Charlie actually lived that long? I might of mentioned that Heart played the bars in my area back when. They did some Yes as well.Just watched Plant on Austin City with the Sensational Space Shifters. I really dug it.

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    1. Reckon they would have been fab live in the early days – enjoyed your Zepp thread here too!
      If you see photos of Bird in his final years, he looks about thirty years older than his actual age. Don’t do drugs, kids.

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      1. No illicit self medication for CB just lots and lots of tea. Maybe the odd cigar.

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  13. Most famous venue in my neck of the woods? The Cavern Club. I used to work in the building they built on top of it and one of my friends at work, his mother used to go to all the lunchtime gigs they played in the 60’s there – apparently she knew ‘the boys’ (as she called them) well enough to say hello to – my friend still can’t believe she never asked them to sign anything for her!

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    1. And after that card being played, no further correspondence need be considered!

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  14. […] is not in the right place. Good on him, I say. And good on Marty at snakesinthegrass for mentioning this song recently, thus adding a couple of extra milliamps to the memory […]


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