thirsty havana new harvest marquee banana pink

The fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing.

Wot an excuse to post some album covers!

But we did space a while back, twice in fact.

So this collection presents albums from the VC collection

having two-word titles ending in MOON.


Thirsty Moon

Thirsty Moon [Brain 1972]

Havana Moon

Carlos Santana [CBS 1983]

New Moon

Elliot Smith [Kill Rock Stars 2007]

Harvest Moon

Neil Young [Reprise 1992]

Marquee Moon

Television [Elektra 1977]

Banana Moon

Daevid Allen [BYG 1971]

Pink Moon

Nick Drake [Island 1972]


Part 2 offers albums with one- or two-word titles beginning with MOON.

Part 3… Well, we’ll see.


Any favourites amongst this lot? Other two-word moon defining titles you love?


  1. This is a bit of cheat but I like The Band’s “Moondog Matinee,” both cover and album. They couldn’t think of anything to do so they did a bunch of oldies. I’ve always liked it.

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    1. Ha! One should always push the boundaries, Jim. Anyway, as I love Moondog Matinee you are forgiven. Band fans tend to dismiss it, but as it was one of the first ‘covers’ albums I came across, I’ve always had a soft spot, especially their version of ‘Mystery Train’.


      1. Yeah, me and my buddy Steve are Band fans all the way and we have always loved it. That’s the shit those guys grew up on.

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        1. And there is a good humour in the album that is simply fun. ‘Holy Cow’, ‘Saved’, ‘The Third Man Theme’.


          1. Love ’em all but ‘Saved’ is especially great. Have it on one of my zillion Spotify playlists. And who the hell else would do ‘Third Man Theme?’

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            1. Exactly. Inspired.

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  2. I don’t have any other contributions unless The Soft Boys’ Underwater Moonlight is allowed – it almost works.

    I love that first cover. The Nick Drake and Television records are classics, not so keen on the Neil Young.

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    1. The Thirsty Moon cover is one of my all-time favourite fantasy covers. This, from Discogs, on the artist:

      Gil Funccius was a Berlin artist, first documented with left-wing underground publications in the mid 1960’s. She went on to develop a unique and visionary style of album cover art that graces many albums of the Krautrock era.

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  3. There are a few Elliot Smith murals around my neighborhood, but the most important (and the cover of his album, Figure 8) was carved up for a new bar. In that way, the establishment could both partially destroy and exploit it’s Elliot Smith connection.

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  4. RE-posted on twitter @trefology

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  5. Robin Trower & Jack Bruce: Seven Moons!!!

    Does the plural disqualify?

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    1. Absolutely not. Great get. (Though the moon does look rather unusual)

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  6. Midnight Toker · · Reply

    Neville Brothers’ Yellow Moon. Given the latitude above, how about Robert Earl Keen’s Gringo Honeymoon?


    1. Big ‘Yes’ to Yellow Moon, MT. I almost went with a coloured moon series: Blue Moon, Yellow Moon, Black Moon, Pink (Floyd) Moon…
      A honeymoon is not a lunar thing, is it?


      1. Midnight Toker · · Reply

        mid 16th century (originally denoting the period of time following a wedding): from honey + moon. The original reference was to affection waning like the moon, but later the sense became ‘the first month after marriage’.

        Bitter and twisted curmudgeons like myself can also be heard muttering “You’d have to be a lunatic (note moon reference) to want marriage and a honeymoon!”.

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        1. I was tempted to go down that path, but…


  7. Good composition at a similar level! “Marquee Moon” is here the highlight for me. Punk with clear New Wave approaches. Fantastic, the virtuoso interaction of the two guitarists. Outstanding: “See No Evil”, “Venus”, “Friction” and the epic title song.

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    1. It’s a ripper of an album, that’s for sure!

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  8. In terms of the artwork, I’ll go with the Elliott Smith. But I have to say I’m surprised by how much I like Thirsty Moon. It could be a graphic representation of the threat of global warming! In looking at your header, I see three great album titles (or band names..?): Thirsty Havana, New Harvest Marquee, and Banana Pink!

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    1. The E Smith is a beautifully realised graphic, isn’t it? I’ve loved that Thirsty Moon cover (and album) for so long. It was one of my first ‘german independent’ LPs (aka ‘krautrock’) and the cover was a part of the lure. Gil Funccius is the artist’s name. No idea what became of her.

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  9. Some fine choices here Bruce – the song Harvest Moon & the album Pink Moon would be my preferences from this set!

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    1. Though it doesn’t fit the 2-word requirement, Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica might be my favourite moon-themed/titled album!

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      1. I was going to have a third part with longer album titles (such as, oh what was the thing called, Dark Side of something or other) but thought, enough is enough. Modest Mouse would’ve been good there!

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  10. I like and know a couple of those. ‘Unknown Legend’ is a fave off Neil’s “Moon” album.
    I can’t count. How many words in Moondance? I’ll save my last one because I’m not sure of the number. You might even post it.

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    1. Moondance certainly could have been a ‘Moon Wot’ candidate!

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      1. A day late but a little victory for CB. It was kind of an obvious one.

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  11. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Were you aware of that VW TV commercial that resurrected the song Pink Moon and re-popularized it? Love when that happens. Art in advertising, and why not? Wot?

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    1. I think I heard about the re-purposing of Drake’s song. Must admit, I’m a grumpy ol’ curmudgeon on appropriation of music for advertising. Yet your used of the word ‘re-popularise’ gives food for thought. And after all, Pink Floyd received tour sponsorship from VW.

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  12. […] an orbit or two behind the album cover art posts Wot Moon? and Moon Wot?, here is the final installment of the satellite […]


  13. Television and Neil Young entries might be my favourite in terms of music, but I do love the art of Elliot Smith’s New Moon.

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