I don’t want to appear uncharitable, but how come it misses Donald, glances off Boris, and takes out Tim Brooke-Taylor? In what universe is that fair?

Cambridge graduates Bill Oddie (born 7 July 1941), Graeme Garden (born 18 February 1943) and Tim Brooke-Taylor (born 17 July 1940) first performed to a large audience (larger than their combined mums, that is) on the BBC radio show I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again. The big screen beckoned but despite vaulting ambition, they were celluloid zeros and stomped off to BBC-TV and demanded a chunk of time on the small screen. On a platform about two-foot by one-and-a-half feet they really filled the cathode ray bubble, often breaking the fourth wall. The repair bills resulted in them not being able to afford air for the trandem cycle tyres until series three.

The character played by Tim Brooke-Taylor could be described as an upper class twit, but it always had a liberal dose of Stan Laurel as well, a perfect foil for Oddie’s earthy growl and Garden’s professorly, er, Professor.


They loved music too, Bill Oddie quite fancying himself a bearded hobbit-rock star. The Goodies released several singles, the most successful of which was the gloriously silly “Funky Gibbon”, which reached #4 in the UK somewhere in the middle of 1975.

For me, their musical peak came with an inspired cover of The Troggs “Wild Thing”.

Tim: C’mon and hold me TIGHT… Not quite that tight.

In heaven it is told that Hendrix wept when he heard it. Now Jimi and Timmy can discuss the finer points of wild thingyness over a pint at their favourite Elysian fields pub.

Vale Tim Brooke-Taylor [17 July 1940—12 April 2020]


  1. I grew up with the Goodies they were affable and hilarious

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    1. Affable is a great word, Neil. Even though many of the segments are more than a bit cringe-worthy by contemporary standards, there’s a general good humour and gleeful silliness that remains charming.

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      1. Isn’t most of the past cringeworthy? I feel jealous of our grandparents who only have some pictures, I also feel for our children and grandchildren who’s entire lives have been publicly documented.

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  2. Her greasy lips taste a bit like fish and chips,
    and every time we kiss she whets my appetite …

    “Black Pudding Bertha (The Queen Of Nothern Soul)”

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    1. What a quote. I’m speechless. 😅

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  3. When I was 8 I ran away from home because my mum wouldn’t let me stay up and watch the Goodies.

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    1. You know, I actually do believe that is a ‘true story’.
      [looking forward to your Basie post soon]

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      1. It’s true. I jumped in of an upstairs window and went and sat outside in the dark, crying tears of salty self-righteousness. Nobody missed me after 10 minutes and I went home.

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        1. Presumably they didn’t miss you because they were watching The Goodies.

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  4. I just saw this news a few hours ago and am so sad to hear it. My brothers and I watched The Goodies on PBS along with many other British comedies they showed. The Goodies was a very favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who even knows who they are other than my brothers and we lamented and reminisced together.

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    1. Pretty impressive you caught them at all, Crimson Owl. Assuming you are in N America somewhere, to have even found this most British of comedies was a heck of an achievement!


      1. Someone at our Cleveland USA public television station must have been British or seen it in England, but however it happened, we were very lucky indeed.

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        1. Hello Cleveland! That’s fabulous.


  5. You beat me to it! Well done

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  6. Where the hell was I? Just from the comments I’m jealous.
    (Love your opening on this one Bruce)

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