After two ‘EASY’ trials, we’ll progress to the next level.

Withholding answers reduced the immediacy of the game, so there will be no editing this time. If you want to read the answers/comments of others, they are there for the reading.

If you want to avoid sighting others’ answers, don’t read the Comments!

What links these albums?



  1. Yowza…I haven’t a clue! As I scrolled down, I thought it might have to do with the seasons: the first one, with its color scheme, has a summery vibe (no idea of artist or album title) and the second one has ‘Autumn’ in the title, but then the Shins blew that theory. I’ll stay tuned with interest!

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  2. .أجزاء الجسم! الوجوه والشفتين وما إلى ذلك

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    1. Shake that fellow’s hand!

      (Later… it’s impossible not to see the answer, isn’t it? So I’ve translated Aphoristical’s response into Arabic. (Thanks Geoff!))

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      1. I’m in the know now, thanks to Google translate. If this is moderate difficulty, I shudder at diabolical!

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        1. It is possible that I have not correctly gauged the level of interest in active research these puzzles require. 🤔


          1. I recognized the answer as being written in Arabic – but alas, didn’t know the answer.
            No matter, I enjoyed the challenge all the same!

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      2. I wonder if it would be pretty tricky if I didn’t recognise the first cover (and I had to Google the second one).

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        1. Probably should have made clear that most would need to research answers for anything above ‘EASY’!

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          1. That second one is pretty tricky IMO – being a compilation it’s not so canonical.

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  3. I know it now after reading Aphoristical’s comment (translating on google at least). I would’ve never gotten in even though with the last two i thought it but not knowing the band name of the first two albums, I missed it.

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  4. I’ve played “Wincing the Night Away” approximately 1,000 times. I like the English band Elbow, too. And I’d expect to see “Dixie Chicken” here! (We’re not sticklers for spelling around here, are we?)
    The stations playing 90’s stuff always include “Bittersweet” (but I don’t know the album) by (that chap whose band were) Monsters.

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    1. My pedantic nature precluded including waiting for Columbus, Robert (though I was tempted).
      Otherwise, you have amply demonstrated an understanding of the anatomy of this puzzle. Well done!


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