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Continuing a track by track spin through The Beatles Revolver which began here. SIDE TWO 1. GOOD DAY SUNSHINE I’m in love and it’s a sunny day McCartney blithely chirps about how wonderful it is to be in love [Kozinn, p. 144] Superbly sung by McCartney and exquisitely produced by Martin and his team, ‘Good […]


It is the album that marked the Beatles transition from mop-tops to musicians, from pop princes to progressive boundary-pushers and it has been part of popular culture for half a century. Ringo may well have remarked that ‘tomorrow never knows’, but it actually does. It knows that Revolver was a great album then, now, and […]


1976 When I stumbled across a copy of Jean-Michel Jarre’s breakthrough electronic album Oxygène in a Daylesford book and record shop some years back I was quite excited. Not because of the music itself —I already had the album on vinyl and CD— but because of the alternate cover, one I’d never seen before. Instead […]