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Having had a crack at describing categories of record collectors (called Vinyl Hunter-Gatherers around these parts), this post continues looking at further case studies, your correspondent once again being the mandated patient. Sorry, that should read ‘volunteer’. Enthusiast (B): ‘Excellent — a very satisfying find. Wonder if I can swing a discount’. Chicago — Live […]


Who am I? I was born in London in 1951. My Father was a diplomat. As a result, I grew up all over Latin America. Guitar is my instrument. The first band I was in was called Pooh And The Ostrich Feathers. For the world of performance I chose my Columbian Mother’s surname over my […]


On the Vinyl Connection coffee table is On Some Faraway Beach, David Sheppard’s 2008 biography of Brian Eno. It is a substantial and thoroughly researched tome covering the birth, growth, education and unfolding of non-musician Brian Peter George Jean-Baptiste de la Salle Eno. Sheppard even demystifies the preposterous name. Now Mr Eno is a most interesting […]