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1971 COUNTDOWN: #39 — #35

39  EMERSON LAKE & PALMER  — Tarkus The twenty-one minute “Tarkus” suite is the best side of vinyl in the EL&P catalogue. Powerful, cohesive, with brilliant playing and a suitably dramatic sci-fi-ish story about warlike robot-animal hybrids, it is one of the pinnacles of progressive music. Co-written by Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, this second […]


An occasional series featuring LPs boasting ‘fine art’ on their covers, with words about the music and something about the art   #1 PROCOL HARUM – Exotic Birds and Fruit [1974]   THE MUSIC By 1974, the massive success of Procol Harum’s debut single was a long time gone. Not that the band had disappeared; more gently but […]