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What do you do when you have the entire catalogue of an artist, the ‘Best of’ albums, most titles on at least two formats, plus a goodly selection of bootlegs? If you answered, ‘See your therapist’, you get points plus that special superior feeling that attends the suspicion a fellow music lover may just be […]


Vinyl Connection’s love of live albums is well known. They’ve been written about frequently (the series on triple live albums, for example) but not recently (Back Live goes way back). Not through waning interest nor fears of retribution from the unconverted but simply because there just so much music to enjoy and so little time. […]


Coming off the success of A Trick of the Tail, Genesis did not loiter long before staring recording sessions for their eighth studio album. Perhaps they were trying to consolidate the new Peter Gabriel-less quartet or maybe there was material left over from Trick. Or it was simply a period of great creativity. Whatever the motivation, Wind […]