Things are crook at Chez Vinyl Connection.

Ms Connection feels fowl.

The boy has a swine of an earache.

I’m sick as a dog.



Atomic Rooster – Atomic Rooster [1980]  /  Various Artists – Shelter Special Sampler Album [1972?]


Various Artists – Full Boar [1979]  /  Blodwyn Pig – Ahead Rings Out [1969]


Various Artists – A Hair of the Dog [1974]  /  All Time Kidde Favourites [early 60s]

“Let’s go to bed” The Cure [1983]

Cheerful comments or tales from the outside world welcome.

Yours, oozing self-pity,

Vinyl Connection


  1. Sorry to hear you’re “Still ill” (smiths)


    1. Ah, very good. Definitely bonus Vinyl Connection points for relevant song titles.


  2. Three crook connections; no good.
    In one bout of fatherly excess I read three ‘Secret Seven’ books to a chicken-pocked son over one weekend. It seemed to do him the world of good. Maybe you could try ‘A shock for the Secret Seven’ for a bit of nostalgic balm http://bookdirectory.net/?p=948409


    1. Or perhaps I could introduce him to Biggles. Always worked for me!


  3. Is it “Flu Season” (Kid Koala) there? At least you haven’t had a “Cardiac Arrest” (Madness). My prescription: get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and blog in the morning.

    Signed, “Doctor, Doctor” (Thompson Twins)


    1. Thank you. Is the bill in the mail?

      [Vinyl Connection is hugely relieved that its highly valued Chief Medical Officer has returned from a tour of the jungles of Borneo and entertaining the Crowned Heads of Europe.]


  4. If my fing broadband was f-ing working properly I’d have sent you a link to Ian Dury’s ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’.

    But it f-ing isn’t!!


    1. I think the DSM V has a category for technology-induced rage. Not before time, I reckon.


      1. Ha ha, it’s in there alright, somewhere between Situational Adjustment Disorder and PTSD.


      2. I can’t blog and it’s hurting me! Plus I go away for a couple of days soon.


        1. Despair not! Your loyal followers will wait – sustained no doubt be regular visits to the rich 1537 archive – and you will return, refreshed, to pick up your orb and sceptre.

          Time for medication, methinks.


        2. Cheers Bruce, even though you’re a foreigner, you’re a pal!


  5. Not a case of “the Stylus and the Damage Done” I trust……..?


    1. More ‘the Filth and the Fury’ I’m afraid.

      (Welcome, friend)


  6. MANY happy days spent reading Biggles myself but not a hero my boys embraced. Both remain more likely to respond to DJ Biggles, who is on in Prague 27/6, probably as I post.
    ‘Chocks away’


  7. Hope it’s not the rockin pneumonia or the boogie woogie flu. And definitely hoping it’s not disco fever. May you all be fit as fiddles soon. 🙂


    1. LOL! Excellent!
      Well, we had both a shot of rhythm and blues and a flu shot, but neither protected us from the ravages of a grey Melbourne winter. Boo Hoo.


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