Things are crook at Chez Vinyl Connection.

Ms Connection feels fowl.

The boy has a swine of an earache.

I’m sick as a dog.



Atomic Rooster – Atomic Rooster [1980]  /  Various Artists – Shelter Special Sampler Album [1972?]


Various Artists – Full Boar [1979]  /  Blodwyn Pig – Ahead Rings Out [1969]


Various Artists – A Hair of the Dog [1974]  /  All Time Kidde Favourites [early 60s]

“Let’s go to bed” The Cure [1983]

Cheerful comments or tales from the outside world welcome.

Yours, oozing self-pity,

Vinyl Connection


  1. Sorry to hear you’re “Still ill” (smiths)


    1. Ah, very good. Definitely bonus Vinyl Connection points for relevant song titles.


  2. Three crook connections; no good.
    In one bout of fatherly excess I read three ‘Secret Seven’ books to a chicken-pocked son over one weekend. It seemed to do him the world of good. Maybe you could try ‘A shock for the Secret Seven’ for a bit of nostalgic balm http://bookdirectory.net/?p=948409


    1. Or perhaps I could introduce him to Biggles. Always worked for me!


  3. Is it “Flu Season” (Kid Koala) there? At least you haven’t had a “Cardiac Arrest” (Madness). My prescription: get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and blog in the morning.

    Signed, “Doctor, Doctor” (Thompson Twins)


    1. Thank you. Is the bill in the mail?

      [Vinyl Connection is hugely relieved that its highly valued Chief Medical Officer has returned from a tour of the jungles of Borneo and entertaining the Crowned Heads of Europe.]


  4. If my fing broadband was f-ing working properly I’d have sent you a link to Ian Dury’s ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’.

    But it f-ing isn’t!!


    1. I think the DSM V has a category for technology-induced rage. Not before time, I reckon.


      1. Ha ha, it’s in there alright, somewhere between Situational Adjustment Disorder and PTSD.


      2. I can’t blog and it’s hurting me! Plus I go away for a couple of days soon.


        1. Despair not! Your loyal followers will wait – sustained no doubt be regular visits to the rich 1537 archive – and you will return, refreshed, to pick up your orb and sceptre.

          Time for medication, methinks.


          1. Cheers Bruce, even though you’re a foreigner, you’re a pal!


  5. Not a case of “the Stylus and the Damage Done” I trust……..?


    1. More ‘the Filth and the Fury’ I’m afraid.

      (Welcome, friend)


  6. MANY happy days spent reading Biggles myself but not a hero my boys embraced. Both remain more likely to respond to DJ Biggles, who is on in Prague 27/6, probably as I post.
    ‘Chocks away’


  7. Hope it’s not the rockin pneumonia or the boogie woogie flu. And definitely hoping it’s not disco fever. May you all be fit as fiddles soon. 🙂


    1. LOL! Excellent!
      Well, we had both a shot of rhythm and blues and a flu shot, but neither protected us from the ravages of a grey Melbourne winter. Boo Hoo.


  8. There is something about severed pig heads. They scream for sunglasses, don’t they? Below was snapped in Huancayo, Peru, in 1984.

    P.S. What’s with the colors on that Ahead Rings Out? Mine is straight pink.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Borrowed the Blodwyn Pig from my mate Steven for this post. I suspect it is a US / UK difference but can’t be sure…
      Actually, Discogs seems to suggest that your pink one is the UK and that the ‘target’ one above is the US. Off to the shelves, stat!


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