Looking for fun ways to invite people to visit Vinyl Connection, I decided to try using Facebook by posting a ‘Cover Quiz’ on the Vinyl Connection Facebook page.

But then I thought, “The WordPress crew would probably enjoy this too”.

So here it is.

Rules below. (Bossy, huh?)




Here are 12 album covers (CD sized) sitting on top of an LP.

Can you name the 13 Albums and Artists?



Please do not post your answers in Comments (so that everyone who wants to can have a go afresh).

Use the above link or the “VINYL CONNECTION FACEBOOK” button in the right-hand sidebar here ->

On the Facebook Page, click on ‘Message’ (just under Antonio Carlos Jobim).

Those allergic to Facebook can email me direct.


If you want to have a go without knowing the answers, don’t read the Comments!


The second quiz is here.


  1. Fun! Answers sent via e-mail.


  2. Oh, damn. This is hard.


  3. I think I can name 5.


    1. Stick with it. I’m sure there are a few more floating somewhere in the cranial spaces!


      1. I’m gonna try sir!

        Great quiz BTW!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m confident of at least 10 of these and pretty sure about 2 others. Only one is stumping me and I’m going to be very disappointed in myself when I find out what it is since I think I own it. I sent my “guesses” via a message on your Facebook page.


  5. Great contest – I’m confident of 4 thus far!


  6. Eight only.


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  8. Thanks to all who had a go. Interested in how others did?

    Joe [1537]

    Larry White [via Facebook]

    9 ½
    Scott [Heavy Metal Overload]

    JDB [Augenblick]

    Rich Kamerman [KamerTunesBlog]

    Also throwing their hats enthusiastically into the ring were…
    Marie [My Wild Surmise]
    Mike Ladano [mikeladano]
    Geoff [Stephen1001]
    …who named a goodly number.



  9. B-52’s – The B-52’s [1979]
    Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food [1978]
    Jackson Browne – The Pretender [1976]
    Bad Company – Straight Shooter [1975]
    Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque [1991]
    Fleetwood Mac – Rumours [1977]
    U2 – Under a Blood Red Sky [1983]
    Santana – Caravanserai [1972]
    Donald Fagan – The Nightfly [1982]
    Uriah Heep – Demons and Wizards [1972]
    Steve Winwood – Arc of a Diver [1980]
    Genesis – And Then There Were Three [1978]

    And the underlying LP: The Police – Zenyata Mondata

    What do you think? Worth doing again?

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  10. haha – I guessed Pretenders as opposed to ‘the pretender’ – I suppose not quite close enough for jazz!
    Neat contest, I’d fully support a sequel


    1. “Pretenders as opposed to The Pretender” was referred to the third umpire, but sadly, the ruling was not overturned.

      (There is another quiz in the works)


      1. and I swung and missed with the artist instead of another artist’s album – glad to hear there’s a chance for redemption!


        1. You bet. The word ‘fun’ has cropped up a few times and that’s no bad thing!


  11. Haha I just sent my email before I noticed you had put the answers in. D’oh!

    Anyhoo looks like I got 8. A few that I knew the artists but didn’t know the album titles.

    Fun post! Love it!


    1. Knowing you to be an armoured squirrel of the highest integrity, I’ve tabulated your answers and added you to the Tally Board. Nice work.


      1. Thanks! Pretty pleased with my result. Not bad for medieval vermin! Well done to Rich! He totally rocked this. Did anyone get the Police?


        1. No they didn’t. On the next one, I’ve tried to make the LP carpet a little more accessible!


          1. Cool. I didn’t even realise there was an LP under there at first!


  12. Damn, I was stumped by Uriah Heep and The Police (I’ve had Zenyatta Mondatta since the day it was released, so that’s embarrassing). Still, I’m proud of my 11/13 performance.


    1. Indeed, Rich.
      You are the inaugural winner of the Vinyl Connection Cover Quiz Cup.
      There is no cheque in the mail, but I hope you enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling that all those years toiling through dusty crates of records were not wasted.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Drats, I should have gotten a couple more of those. I can see what they are now. Sigh. Oh well, that was fun! Let’s do it again!


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