AmonDuul - Phal

Acoustic Alchemy

Eno, Moebius - after



amon düül II – phallus dei [1969]

acoustic alchemy – positive thinking [1998]

eno moebius roedelius – after the heat [1978]

john abercrombie – timeless [1974]


feature image

blue nile – hats [1989]


  1. I see Blue + Album art, I immediately visualize Weezer’s debut

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  2. …followed quickly (after clicking send of course!) by Joni Mitchell


    1. Both albums are liberally endowed with blueness, to be sure. Could be another theme emerging… favourite blue albums!


      1. A theme I’d wholeheartedly support!


  3. Gosh, these are really beautiful, especially the first two.


    1. Glad you enjoyed them.

      More blue to come.

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  4. And you’ve got the color-coordinated header to go with it! Classy! 🙂

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  5. B ugger me the old-timer said.
    L ittle pinpoints of light were spinning in the sky
    U ntil then, he’d not drunk Brasso.
    E njoying a drink was one thing but…
    M ight never have to drink again;
    O r not.
    O h.
    N ight-sky, moon-split, spinning apart.
    A deadly night.
    H ollowed head; hallowed?
    M ight just keep spinning.
    A ll ’round the sky.
    D elicate, like.
    J ust going gently.
    A round, around.
    M y head split in four.
    A round, around.
    L aughing.

    [A bit over 50 words but blame Billy Cobham, not me.]

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  6. Delicious! Do like an acrostic verse.

    Enjoyed the Ahmad Jamal too. He doesn’t figure in the VC collection, which is a bit odd given the preponderance of pianists.

    And if Billy Cobham is responsible for an outburst of creativity, bring it on! I say.


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