Having passed 150 posts, written nigh on 100,000 words about some eighty different artists across 200+ albums, I found myself wondering, ‘Where to next?’

Then I thought, why not ask Vinyl Connection readers? The democratic flavour of this strategy appealed. How then, to proceed?

Now one way would be to post the entire Vinyl Connection catalogue and ask for suggestions but there’s a chance that strategy might provide a little too much choice.

So I compiled a short list of artists I’d like to write about.

Then I whittled it down to half-a-dozen.

Pretty simple really.

Please don’t be shy: whether you are a regular commenter or an occasional browser, pick a box and let’s get voting!

FoW - UtopiaKraftwerk-autobahn

talk talk-spirit


King Crimson - Court

Question mark black

The Small Print:

The above covers are for illustrative purposes only.

The album that eventually gets written about will certainly be by the highest polling artist, but I might change me mind regarding which album.

Complaints about voting irregularities can be lodged in triplicate (using carbon paper or other obsolete copying method), in person, within three album tracks of the poll closing.


Coming Attractions:

The Vinyl Connection Album Cover Quiz


  1. Your poll appears to be closed. I assume this is a witty comment on the illusory nature of democracy in western society – fair dinkum.

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    1. Should it not be a commentary, I vote Fountains of Wayne, though there doesn’t appear to be a wrong answer up there. Looking forward to any of the above!


    2. AAAAAGH!
      I do so love technology.
      (I also love your humour, except when I feel like an incompetent luddite).
      Try now. Please.

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  2. Although I would love to read your thoughts on XTC and compare notes against my own series on their discography, I chose King Crimson since I’m a massive fan and I’m sure you would do a phenomenal job covering their music. I also have the complete discographies of Kraftwerk and Fountains Of Wayne, so those would be excellent suggestions, and I’ve started getting into Talk Talk in recent years. Whoever wins the poll, I’m in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought of you when I put together the poll, Mr K.
      Having such a rich (if you’ll pardon the pun-ette) archive at your blog meant that I would be unlikely to surprise you, but thanks for adding your bit!!


  3. Personally i dont care, im ready to read about whatever you decide d:)


    1. Even The Penny Whistle Preachers ‘Play Black Sabbath’?



      1. Yup – why not d:)


  4. thepiratehorizon · · Reply

    go Talk Talk, my friend 😉 voted.
    collect your best posts, complete an e-book and sell it online then.


    1. Talk Talk are indeed both interesting and wonderful. Thanks for your vote – and vote of confidence. Might email you about e-commerce over (our) summer. Cheers Paolo.


  5. I’d be interested in XTC. I once owned plans for Nigel ( god knows what happened to it).


    1. Yep. XTC is a rich and fascinating catalogue to dip into. Thanks.

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  6. Fountains of Wayne! There’s not enough chat about them good folks.


    1. And I have three titles on vinyl!


    1. And, after 10 furlongs, KC leads FoW by a length, a further length back to the masked marauder…

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      1. I’m sorry but I could only pick one! I just finished listening to an XTC track, too.


  7. Mr VC
    Too late and unsolcited from me, but I would be very intrugued by your reflections on and analysis of Blue Oyster Cult. Where do they sit in the canon?


    1. Alas, Mr JN, I know little of the coloured shellfish religion of which you speak. Although their reputation is for literate heavy rock, I’ve not immersed myself in their briney depths other than the one song “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. That song was (and sometimes still is) touted as a ‘power pop’ classic after its appearance in a film. Well, it is an engaging song in the power ballad style but Power Pop? I don’t think so.
      From whence came the query? Are you a fan?


  8. More King Crimson!! Have marked your subsequent Crimson King post for a near-term re-read.

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    1. I’d welcome an excuse to write another Crimso post. Any particular period/album/slant?


      1. A buddy gifted me the four-disc The Great Deceiver set of concert recordings from ’73-’74 when he moved up to some crazy 20/25-disc set from the same era. I have been unable to make the effort to listen/compare all the various improvisations and unique renditions or even to really dive in at all, to be honest. Would you be able to write on any live Crimson from that era?

        It’s that Lark’s Tongue, Red, Starless and Bible Black period that I’m most familiar with (and really love), so I’d enjoy your take on that stuff. Another option however would be to be introduced to anything post-1974 you feel especially enthusiastic about.

        So there’s too many options for you. Being a glutton, I look forward to all of them…

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        1. Tapping out that line to you just before bed last night, I found myself musing on the options as I cleaned my teeth and wondering whether I had a KC story. This is what came to me…
          I bought The Great Deceiver 4CD set back in the day, for reasons I could explain at length; sold it; regretted the loss… Years pass, I see the ‘crazy 20/25-disc set from the same era’ in a shop, decide I MUST HAVE IT then wonder what the fuck to do with this overwhelming box of overlapping music… Needless to say, I had difficulty sleeping.


      2. That, my friend, is some serious cosmic synergy/synchronicity. I’m a little scared…

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