The sun came out after a wet gloomy weekend. Some coloured vinyl quickly disrobed and primped and preened in the sunlight; the Hasselblad was loaded and a roll of film munched.

Pout baby Roll over Ooh Give it to me…

And here it is.

So, do ya think I’m sexy?

‘Like’ = ‘Yes’

Jonas Munk

Coloured vinyl 1

 JONAS MUNK Absorb Fabric Cascade [elparaiso records 2015]

King Lizzard

Coloured vinyl 2

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD I’m in your mind fuzz [flightless reocrds2014]

The Night Terrors

The Night Terrors LP 2

Coloured vinyl 3

THE NIGHT TERRORS Back to zero [homeless records 2009]


  1. Wowzers! That’s some nice slices of coloured vinyl!

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  2. I like the description of Back To Zero on the Homeless Records website: “a mind-melting mix of dark synth magic, thunderous dreamscapes and other-worldly electronica”…sounds like something you could have penned! Also, “colour splatter…vinyl”….Also, really like the logo for Flightless Records!

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    1. Ha! Wish I had written that about The Night Terrors – it’s even more purple (with orange flashes) than the (ab)normal attempts at descriptive prose frequenting this site.

      All these albums would merit a guernsey here. Whether that will eventuate or not, who knows.
      As we sidle up to the 2 year mark at VC, some sort of taking stock sub-routine is running in the back of my mind, whether I will it or no. Unclear what the outcome of that process will be.

      Nice get on the emu logo, by the way.


  3. (Inappropriate comment, self-censored)

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  4. I`m drooling here actually.

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  5. As ya know, few things are sexier than coloured vinyl!

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