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Having enjoyed a couple of recent posts where fellow music nuts share the, er, nuts they have gathered, I thought I’d join the party. Don’t know how it is in your neighbourhood, but in these parts the price of second-hand records has become so absurd that it is often better value buying new re-issues. Seems […]


I always swear I will never buy another compilation album. I will ignore Various Artists, shun themed collections, eschew curated histories. I have enough. More than enough. So how come this section of the Vinyl Connection Collection still manages to grow? Today’s Curiosity Corner will give you an idea. There I was, getting to the […]


Well into the second decade of the 21st Century, it is wonderfully anachronistic that bands are still twisting the kaleidoscope of psychedelia. One such is Toronto’s Comet Control. Based around the songwriting partnership of guitarists Chad Ross and Andrew Moszynski (whose relationship pre-existed musically in the psych-metal band Quest For Fire), Comet Control released their […]


The sun came out after a wet gloomy weekend. Some coloured vinyl quickly disrobed and primped and preened in the sunlight; the Hasselblad was loaded and a roll of film munched. Pout baby Roll over Ooh Give it to me… And here it is. So, do ya think I’m sexy? ‘Like’ = ‘Yes’  JONAS MUNK Absorb Fabric Cascade […]


Phooey on the Record Store Day Special Edition Ghostbusters glow-in-the-dark-$20-10”! Paid a buck for this in the bargain bin of my fave store on RSD. Smug! Until I played it. Warped. Un-smug.