There was a great response to the recent post of album covers featuring automobiles. Folk enthusiastically shared suggestions for covers that could have been included and nominated some personal favourites.

So why not build another ‘Car Covers’ post? I’ve added a few more of my own favourites too.


Delany and Bonnie On Tour

Hot Tuna - Burgers

Birthcontrol - Live

Swinging London

Lord Sutch

Chris Spedding

Smith, Jimmy Crazy Baby

Case, Neko


Timelords Tardis



Delany and Bonnie – On Tour With Eric Clapton (ATCO 1970)

Hot Tune – Burgers (Grunt 1972)

Birthcontrol – Live (CBS 1974)

Russ Sainty / The Impression – Swinging London (Boulevard 1972)

Lord Sutch – And Heavy Friends (Cotillion 1970)

Chris Spedding – Chris Spedding (RAK 1976)

Jimmy Smith – Crazy Baby (Blue Note 1960)

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone (Anti- 2009)

Plasmatics – New Hope For The Wretched (Stiff 1980)

The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis (KLF Communications 1988)



ZZ Top – Eliminator (WB 1983)



Thanks to the following for their suggestions…

Hot Tuna – neil66

Neko Case – J. (Resurrection Songs)

Plasmatics – Victim of the Fury

Timelords – boppinsblog



Fountains of Wayne Out of State


Except, it’s not the end. Oh no, we’re not done yet.

Next week, a selection of other motorised transportation devices.


  1. Excellent post! I especially like the Neko Case and The Timelords’…’I’m a car and I’ve made a record’.

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  2. Thanks Danica. Those KLF lads were full of mischief, weren’t they? As I recall, the song was basic but rather catchy, built on a Glitter Band beat and deft use of that marvellous theme music.


  3. Ooh, can’t wait to see what other motorized transportation devices you’ll feature…how about Vespas? : )

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  4. Hurrah! Few crackers here – Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Hot Tuna and, my favourite, Chris Spedding (not familiar with the music at all, but I’d buy that for the cover!).

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  5. Man, I had that Delaney & Bonnie album as a kid and had forgotten about it completely. Wonder what I did with it … very much look forward to next week’s offering. Going to save my “great ideas” until I see where you take it.

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  6. Flat out like a lizard drinking this week, so please excuse me for not responding individually as Commenters deserve.
    Hopefully next week’s will raise a smile or two too.


  7. Love it. Great collection of covers, and I own a few of these albums. I think the Screaming Lord Sutch might be my favorite one here, for both music and design. Another fantastic job, Bruce.

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    1. Cheers Rick. The Lord Sutch cover is a ripper, that’s for sure. Not quite so convinced about the music – you might enjoy (or be outraged by) the Allmusic review!
      I believe it appears on several ‘Worst Albums of all time’ lists. Still, that wouldn’t stop me grabbing it from a Garage Sale!


      1. Thanks for pointing me to the AllMusic review. It’s not as bad as it might have been, since “endearingly bad” isn’t the worst epithet I’ve ever heard about an album. I still like the music a lot, but perhaps that’s because Zeppelin has been my favorite band for more than 35 years and this is a fun side-note to their career.

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        1. Indeed – I’d guessed that the Zeppelin connection might be the source of your fondness. As you say, ‘endearingly bad’ ain’t so bad!


          1. Since John Bonham has long been my favorite drummer and he didn’t do a lot of recording outside of Zeppelin, that was the biggest selling point for this album. When I bought it in the ’80s it had been re-released as “Smoke And Fire” with Page, Beck, Bonham, Redding & Hopkins credited on the front cover no mention of Sutch). I bought it around the same time as “No Introduction Necessary,” which featured Page, John Paul Jones and Albert Lee. I really enjoy both records.


  8. Brilliant. Had the Lord Such album when I was a kid. God knows what happened to it? Think I swapped it for Hendrix’ War Heroes if memory serves?

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    1. Good swap, man!
      As mentioned to Rick K, it’s an album notorious for its badness!
      You might enjoy the Allmusic review.

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  9. Oh, still have Eliminator.

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  10. Art Ohlwine · · Reply

    I’m extremely surprised that there aren’t much more covers with cars! We Americans seem to have a love affair with them. Godsmack’s 2014 album 1000hp has a car too.

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    1. Actually there are 100s and 100s of car covers! This is just a small curated selection. 😀


  11. Geoff King · · Reply

    How about this one , Mr Vinyl? ABC/Dunhill 1971


    1. Pic didn’t attach, Mr King. What was that ABC/Dunhill 1971 album?


  12. I have Burgers. It’s a good record. Amused by the Lord Sutch cover.

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