The first compilation of pairs of album covers from the early days of Vinyl Connection seemed to go down quite well. So here is a second batch.




Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Strictly Personal” [Blue Thumb, 1968]

Free “Live” [Island, 1971]

For extra postal authenticity, the Free album actually has a triangular flap just like a real envelope. Holy postage service, Mailman!





Clearlight “Symphony” [Virgin, 1973]

George Gruntz “Eternal Baroque” [Atlantic, 1974]

Nearly bought another ‘brain’ cover yesterday, just for the artwork. Then I came to my senses.





Brand X “Unorthodox Behaviour” [Passport 1976]
Mark-Almond “Other People’s Rooms” [A&M 1978]

My favourite from this batch. Dubious taste, but amusing, don’t you think?




hands pair

Kitaro “Oasis”  [Grammavision 1979]

Passport “Ataraxia”  [Warner 1978]



  1. Perfect juxtaposition for Look Through Any Window, Bruce. (Do you say ‘spot on’ in Australia, or is that strictly a British locution?) I like that Clearlight cover…wild. Makes me wonder about medical/anatomy-themed covers….?

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    1. It is spot on, JDB! And yes, the Clearlight cover is a fave.
      Given your request, and the croaking of Da Boyz (below), perhaps I’ll do a special edition…


  2. hoping Brand X comes this way on their “Livestock” tour 🙂

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    1. Brand X is still operating? Fancy that!


  3. I’m waiting for you to repost the one about bottoms!

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    1. Seconded. 🙂

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    2. Oh, you naughty lads!

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  4. Loved it again! Long live this series!

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  5. Bo Hannson’s Lord Of The Rings would fit into the hands category just fine.

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  6. Like you, VC, I didn’t know Brand X had reformed. Apparently they finished a US tour recently. There’s a link to a super video on their Facebook page; you can find it here:

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    1. Thanks SF. Very fond of Brand X.


  7. The sequel post went down smoothly too – it paired nicely with my morning breakfast!

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    1. As smooth as toast and coffee! Thanks, Geoff.

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  8. I’ve always really like those Captain Beefheart and Free covers. Pretty nifty that the Free album opens like an envelope, though.

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    1. They’re great, aren’t they? I do know of another cenvelope cover (a Jackie McLean). Come to think of it, I HAVE another. A wonderful Guess Who package. Ah, memory fade…

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  9. I’ll go against the comments grain here and single out the “burning brain” pair. I especially like it because, even before you look down below to see the release information, you think to yourself, “these both have to be from the early ’70s.”

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    1. Yep. And I’ll freely admit I love both of these albums.


  10. […] Cover Pairs Redux (Part 2) […]


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