The album cover quiz posted a few weeks ago seemed to be enjoyed by many. In fact, a series of ‘Decade’ themed quizzes was proposed.

Here is the first: THE EIGHTIES

Below are fourteen album covers (CD sized) resting on a 12″ LP. All were released between 1980 and 1989.

The task is to identify as many as you can, by fair means or foul.

Please don’t submit answers, simply record your score out of 15 in the Comments, along with your preferred prize: Bullion or Bouillabaisse.


With so many on top of it, the underlying LP is rather hard to glimpse, so here is a hint: It is from the final year of the decade.


Please don’t enter answers in the Comments, just your score/15.

[Answers are now in the comments section, below. So if you have a crack at the quiz, you can find your score!]


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