More album covers for your sandy enjoyment

We’ll finish this three-parter with the remaining Vinyl Connection choices next time.

Today, however, we are indebted to VC readers whose responses to part one included the albums you see below.

Got a favourite?



Sleep – Dopesmoker [1537, J.]

Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle: The Best of Robin Trower [Victim of the Fury]

The Nice – Elergy [Chris Delprete]

Tinariwen – Elwan [Victim of the Fury]

The Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden [J. @ Resurrection Songs]


Dopesmoker is an amazing gatefold cover. And aside from the quadrupeds, very Dune.

The first image (below) is a ‘poster print’ version of the cover, created by artist Arik Roper and available here.

The second is the inner gatefold.


Wishbone Ash, Sick Puppies and even more sand!


  1. I like the Robin Trower one, makes me want to get that best-of since I don’t have anything by him on CD. Thanks for sparing us (so far, anyway) that Rush cover. If you haven’t thought of it yet, the third and last Flash LP (with Peter Banks) also has a dune motif.

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    1. On your wavelength, Rick. Can’t stand Rush and love Flash. Well, the first two anyway. Never owned the third but will research, pronto!

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  2. Another vote for the Trower cover, just a cool photo. And glad to hear there won’t be any Rush, they’re a big reason to never turn on the car radio, anytime you’re driving in Canada.

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  3. Have to check out that Flash album again myself. It’s up on Youtube. I used to check it out on cassette from the Boston Library!

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    1. Ah, cassettes.
      Ah, Libraries.

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  4. You have me trying to think if I have any thing in this line. A Flash album comes to mind but it’s not sand.

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    1. Indeed. The first two are a little risqué.

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      1. I never looked at the covers while I was listening to those albums. I’ve changed my name to Pinocchio

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  5. I love the Sleep and Tiairiwen covers (the Sleep art is especially good). I thought of another one yesterday (I was browsing my MP3 racks) and I have forgotten! It will come back to me (when I browse my MP3 racks).

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    1. Obviously I mean, Tinariwen.

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  6. I guess I like the Elwan cover the best. I like its clean lines.

    I can’t pass up this opportunity to mention that my next article, which will be published very soon, is partially about sand dunes.

    Take care, Bruce —

    Neil S.

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    1. Hope this doesn’t signal a turf… um, sand war, Neil? 🙂

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  7. It’s funny about that Eagles album. Number one, I had forgotten its cover completely. And secondly, I bought it and never liked it. But after Glenn died I gave it another listen and now really do like it (always a great feeling when you give an album a second chance and it scores).

    Robin Trower never got the respect he really deserves. I’m glad you featured him here, Bruce, albeit even if it’s just that album cover. – Marty

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    1. I’m afraid i’d never heard of it (not being much of an Eagleist) before the previous ‘Dunes’ post. But I’m delighted by proxy that you re-discovered some Eagley goodness!

      (Hear what you’re saying about RT, Marty. Perhaps if I featured an album I might please your good self as well as flush out that Victim of the Fury. Kind of killing two Eagles with one stone-free record?)

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  8. Great stuff all round Bruce. I love all of Arik Roper’s stuff but especially Dopesmoker, all you need to know is right there.

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  9. Hmm, I don’t care much for any of those covers. But I suppose if I had a gun to my head I might try to stun the gunman by quickly flicking the John Williams LP at their head.

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    1. That could probably work.
      Not much of a one for deserts, Tref?

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      1. Big fan of trees, grey days and rain.

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        1. This is for you, then. (From an ancient 2014 post).

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  10. Ohhhh that Dopesmoker looks gorgeous. You’ve dune a great job on this one, sir!

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    1. Thanks Aaron. Still a bit to come when I get the time!


  11. Like last time, I don’t own any of these (yet)
    But also like last time, I still quite enjoyed the collection!

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    1. Sometimes it’s fun to window shop, Geoff!

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  12. To reply to both Dune cover post:
    1/ Only know the Gong Album, but what a beauty ! my favourite Gong album in this period and kinda unrelated to and very different from the early Radio Gnome stuff, which I also love a lot.

    /2 Regarding the best cover – “Dopesmoker” – never listen to it but I will.

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    1. I love the jazz-rock Pierre Moelen period Gong too. ‘Time is the Key’ is a real favourite.


  13. Love the texture of the foreground on that Eagles cover. And I’m really drawn to the Trower image, along with the funky font of his name.

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    1. Robin’s is indeed a wonderful font!


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